Genevieve Guadalupe – D

Dream house

I often dream I lived inside a tree in an enchanted wood land  and could hear the conversations of the trees, feel their heart beat, breathe so deeply to the end of my toes….

Materials and technique: fabric scraps, hand dyed cotton, cotton batting, tulle, thread, embroidery floss.  For this quilt I used the confetti technique.

genevieve guadalupe dream house artquilt 15x15'' 2020

Detail view:

genevieve guadalupe dream house detail 15x15 2020

  1. So clever and I feel like I am climbing into the tree. Beautiful use of colour and technique.

  2. I like the choice of your theme. Colours and very effective realization.

  3. What a great idea and perspective, and there is even the access by the ladder! Great choice of colours…

  4. I like your dream house ! and the little ladder is really clever !

  5. Maryte Collard

    I love your choice of colors that stand out from a black background, and your dream house looks very inviting.

  6. Love your combination of both perspectives, very clever idea perfectly executed!

  7. Feels like an enchanted forest. Lovely colours and the ladder invites us all in. The yellow patches in the black background are like stars at night, which add to the fascination. Very clever piece, well done!

  8. Trees seen in this perspective are so dynamic, seeming to wave in the wind. Your use of color is amazing, and placing the composition on the very dark background adds to the overall visual drama.

  9. Love your colourful composition on the black background. The little ladder is inviting and makes you dream about hiding for the outside world. The use of the confetti technique makes it vibrant.

  10. This has a real dreamlike feel. I like the idea of looking at the tree from inside another tree – good use of perspective.

  11. joanbrailsford

    How effective the confetti technique is to give your house a vague dreamy feel. It is a lovely idea to show the house from the viewpoint of another tree and the colours are beautiful and restful

  12. A well balanced composition and beautiful colors. I love the confetti technique.

  13. The perspective of you inside the tree looking out to the other trees is so very unique! Love all the details of the composition, techniques and quilting. Well done!

  14. Can imaging sitting inside the tree with you. This must be a nice dream you have, especially the part of the breathing. Love the way you used the confetti technique, it gives your design a dreamworld feeling.

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