Genevieve Guadalupe – Country – Flora/Fauna


For my final project of the series, I decided to represent the fauna and flora of the altiplano in the Andes of Peru. Both the alpaca (fauna) and the cantuta flower (flora) can only thrive at high altitude. My interpretation is of the lake Titikaka at the elevation of 4000 meters, with the typical cantuta flowers and the alpacas.

Materials and technique: cotton fabrics, cotton batting, printmaking ink, poly thread, cotton embroidery floss. Machine pieced, machine quilted, raw edge applique, hand printed, hand embroidered.

  1. Love the minimalist approach to the topic. The colours are bright and contrast with each other. Delightful.

  2. I love the way that all your pieces connect so well through your fabric choices and alpacas. A lovely addition to a great series.

  3. A stunning piece to complete a truly cohesive series. Bravo!

  4. What catches the eye is the colors you use. Naive and touching work. I lie very much.

  5. Les is more in the entire series of you work, love it very much!

  6. A very fitting end to your series this year, The colours are beautiful as is the stitching. Well done

  7. Chantal Guillermet

    Another great piece ! there is such an harmony between each of your quilt ! bright colours and minimalist shapes are beautiful together ! .

  8. A beautiful finale to your colorful and whimsical series of the altiplano of the Andes of Peru. Love how your alpacas, colors and stitching in your series are all connected. They make me smile!

  9. Another great quilt that shows the wonders of Peru. I love the consistency of your style that plays throughout the series.

  10. Lovely colours and a beautiful design – minimlist but elegant.

  11. What a great conclusion to your minimalist and colorful series. This piece brings back great memories from our visit to the lake, the flowers were then in full bloom. You have created a beautiful and very harmonious series. Well done!

  12. A beautiful last piece of your series.I love your style, the colors and the “simple” composition.

  13. “Less is more” is what comes to my mind when I look at again a beautiful -final- piece for your series. Composition and colours are wonderful. Your whole series breathes such an awesome graphic elegance.

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