Susan Hill – Motion – Kites

I found the “Motion” challenge difficult, so I chose to be simple.  I used only fabric and some novelty yarns.  Kites are always in motion – in fact, multiple very different but mutually necessary movements occur simultaneously: the kite itself moves, the string that ties the kite to its flier moves, and the tail moves as well.  

  1. Nice feeling of motion with the kites, I love watching them.

  2. I always like the bright colours kites have, just like yours !

  3. I really like your choice of that ‘ladder’ yarn for the tails on those colourful kites!

  4. I especially like the string and tails of the kites. They make the picture vivid and live!

  5. Great vivid colours and good use of novelty yarn!

  6. Very colorful kites and nice tails. A little more quilting around the kites could have suggested movement a little more I guess.

  7. your kites are very colorful. I agree with a little more quilting.

  8. Very colourful fabric and yarn that work well to give the feeling of motion.

  9. Love the way you put your kites in the quilt. Strong colours and nice tails and threads. Let the wind catch them….

  10. Lovely bright kites. I like the yarn used for the tails.

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