Ann Turley – Photoshoot

My Merry Automobile

I struggled with our theme, thinking I didn’t quite understand what was expected of me. How is “Photo Shoot” interpreted? A collection of photos of the same item or subject seemed to fit the bill, so I scrolled through my camera until I came across a set of pictures I had taken at an antique car museum. Composed from many angles, I was sure my collection would work. This particular vehicle is from the 1940’s. I loved the shade of green (original paint job) and tried to come as close as possible. I used commercial cottons, hand-dyes and a glimmery shimmery novelty fabric. The wide white binding is to remind you of how photographs were once printed.

Detail view:

  1. I like this very much! Out here on the Canadian Prairies, the summer “Show and Shine” events are everywhere. There’s a great interest in vintage vehicles — from motorcycles to cars to farm equipment and more! This reminds me of these events, and especially of the row of oldies that — on the May Victoria Day weekend — grace the main street of the hamlet wherein I live.

  2. Beautiful work, there is something that always appeals to the photographer about old cars and you have captured it. The colours just remind me of how old cars age.

  3. As usual Ann you have done an outstanding job with your quilting. I love this one. I like old trucks and cars.

  4. Great shoot, Ann! Love the colour palette and nostalgic feel.

  5. I also like the colour palette and the green is just perfect ! It is really clever to add a white binding as a reference to old photographs.

  6. Maryte Collard

    I love your idea of photoshoot! The green fabric fits there perfectly and makes your car alive.

  7. I love your approach to the subject and what a great choice, the green is just right! The colours and choice fabric have worked really well.

  8. joanbrailsford

    I too love the colours you have chosen and the way that you have given it added with your stitching. I particularly love the grille of your care that somehow reminds me of a crooked smile and gives your car a friendly ‘face’. Great idea to add a white border to represent a printed photo.

  9. The colours are so nostalgic. The green fabric and quilting make the car body look exactly right for its time.

  10. What a creative idea to interpret Photoshoot. I love your color choice and I particularly like the little unevenness in the grill. It is so realistic.

  11. Great colors, especialy the use of the glimmery fabrics for the lights. The idea of the white binding is very clever

  12. Love the way you used the theme. The colours and shapes give the look of veteran cars. And I love the way you filled up the back ground.

  13. An excellent choice for the photoshoot theme. Vintage cars have this strong appeal. They remind me of films about the American dream or American literature. You managed to find fabrics and color combinations to make the air look old and the white border accentuates the idea. Good job.

  14. studiociboulette

    An excellent choice, the classic old car in the field. I love it. The colors you used give that old foto feel and the quilting is superb.

  15. Interesting interpretation. The car looks “merry” like “the little engine that could….” Nice job.

  16. I love old cars. We had one like this only ours was red. I can just imagine this old truck in the fields. It has a very nostalgic feel to it. Well done Ann!

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