Bella Kaplan – Country – Emblems

I chose this country because it was the last place I traveled before the Corona started. It was one of the best and most impressive place I have been and I am still under the impression of the place.

I decided to take the center symbol in the flag and make it a theme.  The flag itself consists of three colors, the symbol in the center of the flag is golden Eagle.

The flag is a tricolor consisting of three horizontal stripes in red, white and black  and has a golden eagle in the center. and these are the colors I used in my quilt.  Each of the stripes in the flag has a symbolic meaning associated with the liberation of the country.

This eagle was the symbol of Saladin, the 12th-century Muslim conqueror.

My country is Egypt.

Detail view:


  1. So very powerful emblem of the very interesting country. Great work!

  2. Welcome to the group and how lovely to see your first piece of work. I didn’t manage to guess the country but I am not good on national flags! What a great way to relive your last holiday. Beautiful work, well done.

  3. You have chosen a country full of history and culture. It will be fascinating to discover the sequel to your series. Good idea to decorate the golden eagle with the colours of the flag. Beautiful quilt. Well done! Welcome to the group!

  4. Thanks so much. Iam do happy to be part of this group, the quilts are lovely and I waiting to see the future works

  5. So nice to see your first quilt for our group. I couldn’t guess the country, but I love Egypt and am looking forward to see the rest of your series evolve. Powerful emblem of a proud country. Beautiful done. I love how you repeated the gold appliqué with gold metallic quilting.

  6. Welcome to the group, Bella! I couldn’t guess the country but I love you eagle- so many details in such a small piece. Well done!

  7. I was very much in the wrong with your quilt. Beautiful design and quilting.

  8. I couldn’t guess the country either but I loved how you incorporated the colors of the flag and the touches of gold in the design of your eagle. Well done and welcome Bella!

  9. Bella, I love your design. Especially how you used the gold fabric and the metallic yarn for free motion. A beautiful first piece. A great start!

  10. I could not guess the country either ! but what a powerful piece and design ! I love how your eagle is in harmony with the background of the quilt.

  11. As the eagle is a symbol in many different countries I couldn’t guess it. I am happy that you chose Egypt, I can now relive my own vacation there 25 years ago! Looking forward to your next pieces, this one is beautiful!

  12. A striking and well worked design that is simple yet so effective. I love the combinatuion of colours and the way you have used these in your design. Your stitching is beautully done. I look forward to the rest of your series. Werll done

  13. Great to see your first piece Bella. Welcome to the group. This is a very strong and powerful design. The stitching is great, particularly on the eagle itself. I have enjoyed two holidays in Egypt and hope to learn more about the country through your series.

  14. The precision in your work is wonderful and I couldn’t guess the country until you revealed it. The design is so effective on its own without the rest of the flag. Like I’ve stated to others, I am excited to learn more of Eygpt through your quilts.

  15. studiociboulette

    I love your eagle. It is so majestic. Beautiful and powerful. Bravo.

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