Caro Higgs – Reflections – Port Des Minimes at Sunset

Reflections in the water have always attracted my attention with the symmetry that they create. I had several ideas but finally decided to go with a photograph that I had taken towards sunset one autumn evening.

While I was making my choice I decided that the focus of the work had to be the reflection itself rather than an image with a reflection in it. I have therefore focussed on the water and the reflection.

The fabric was painted wrapped round a jar, as I had done for Water, but I was more careful about where the pleats lay, in the hope of achieving calmer waters… I then added the bridge with raw edge appliqué by machine and stenciled in the reflections. The water was then machine quilted following the paint lines. To finish I added a few details by hand and some foil for the sparkle on the water.

Close up View:


  1. You have created a beautiful and well worked piece, and your depiction of the water is wonderful. I love the way you have handled the dark reflections, and you were right to make these the main focus of the work, as they are a triumph.

  2. Great, that is the only wordI can think of. You made a beautiful reflection piece, I love the subtle lines and the dark bridge reflection. Well done.

  3. Caro you “translated” your photograph in a beautiful fiber piece. I love the reflection of the bridge in the water. Very nice dyed water.

  4. You managed exceptionally to transpose your photo on the textile. All is perfect.Congratulations I love it.

  5. I really like this work. It’s really well executed. I’m glad you showed the original photo. Then we could see how well you portrayed the bridge in your piece.

  6. Chantal Guillermet

    Caro this is a very well excecuted piece ! I like the dark refection of the brigde on the water, all the details and of course your beautiful background fabric !

  7. You have captured the bridge beautifully and the dyed water has come out really well. Great to see the photo as well.

  8. Bravo, a beautiful piece of work and so well interpreted.

  9. The dark reflected bridge is dramatic and the background fabric is beautiful.

  10. I like the dyed fabric for the water. Beautiful how you created the reflection of the bridge. The sparkles on the water gives you quilt the finishing touch. Well done!

  11. Your Interpretaion of of the photograph was very nicely executed. The techniques you used were beautifully done.

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