Gaye Alger – Recycle – Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

This piece has been made almost exclusively with recycled materials.  Only the embroidery threads were purchased for the project.  After some thought I realized I needed a subject to work with the theme of recycle.  I have used a photo I took some time ago that seemed in keeping with the environment.

The background is a recycled free motion practice quilt sandwich. This has been fabric painted to create a landscape for the appliqued cow in the foreground. The fabric for the cow came from my scraps box. It is fused to the painted background and straight stitched around the edges. The cow has been outlined with free motion quilting to bring it forward. Some additional fabric painting has been used to enhance the applique. Detail has been added with hand embroidery and painted recycled newspaper leaves.  A stenciled recycle logo printed onto the cow and the words reuse, reduce, recycle written directly onto the background are used to re-enforce the message. The quilt is bound with a recycled ribbon from a bouquet of flowers!
Close up Views:
Recycle close up 1
Recycle close up 2_edited-1
  1. I love your subject, and the attention to detail is amazing. This is a lovely piece.

  2. Gaye, I have to smile every time I see your quilt, your attention to detail is always amazing and those small details such as the ear tag, the recycle symbol and the wire of the fence give the viewer something to focus on. Cheers

  3. Beautiful ! and so realistic.

  4. I grew up surrounded by cows like this, you have captured her beautifully.

  5. Really a beauty. Love it.

  6. It’s absolutely stunning! I love this piece. The details are delicate and beautiful.

  7. What a clever way to re-use quilting practice. The paint changes it completely. The cow put a smile on my face. A very cheerful piece.

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