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Challenge – Recycle

Our last challenge for 2015 is “Recycle” and important aspect of our daily lives, but one that is not new our parents and their parents knew the importance of recycling particularly in times of hardship or when materials were not available. Members have taken this theme and interpreted it in many different ways, I think you will enjoy the diversity and imagination of their designs and techniques. To learn more about the artists and what inspired them click on the thumbnail and you will be redirected to their artist page.

Recycle     Recycle     15X15 Recycling 004

The old cottage     An Elegy for Bees_Lin_full     After the Storm

   Paulette     Nostalgia

Recycle, full quilt      P1060655     

recycle (1)

Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on the artist’s work.

This year we published a notebook with a selection of members quilts, it is a Blurb publication and available for sale, just click on the word Blurb to be redirected. Money from sales will be used to help with the costs of exhibitions.


Book Cover