Chantal Guillermet – Country – Emblems

To choose my country I wanted to find photos in connection with happy memories ! I have been to Canada (Ontario) several times and still have good friends there !

Again my ecoprinting experiences gave me the idea to use a real leaf from my collection as the emblem shape for the maple leaf. From a dried leaf I made several stamps and printed fabrics. I decided to use winter and fall tones only for my prints : black on rust, white on black, rust on light or dark grey etc … The only bright colour being red for the big maple leaf : I used a piece of lutradur, dyed it with transfer dyes and cut out the shape with a soldering iron.

The maple leaf is well known on the Canadian flag but I also wanted to mention the native North American people. I introduced a totem : I simplified an image coming from a children’s book, traced it on tracing paper and quilted it. It was painted afterward with acrylic paint following a picture taken at the Museum of civilisation in Ottawa.

The background fabric is hand dyed, I layered dyed cheese cloth on it first and then placed my different leaves. The leaves are fused on the background and freemotion quilted. The quilt is faced.


Detail views;




  1. I guessed the country right and I love your take on the theme. Beautifully done!

  2. The maple leaves were the clue for Canada, beautiful depiction of the totem. A beautiful quilt.

  3. The maple leaf is the clue of easy recognition. Interesting and well inserted the hook to the natives. Nice work, great choice of colours for a charming quilt.Bravo!

  4. A very unusual way of representing Canada with subtle colours and the inclusion of the totem, a good mix. Great attention to detail as always. Lovely work.

  5. Your subtle color palette is wonderful and very soothing, the maple leaf is a great symbol for the Canadian people.

  6. Because of the maple leaves I guessed your country right and it had your name written all over it. Your subtle beautiful colours, your love for leaves, attention to detail and the way it was designed, is so much your own style. The totem image is beautiful. Bravo.

  7. It was not a problem guessing your country, the beautiful maple leave gave it away. You have incorporated all the different leaves beautifully, but the star of the show is the awesome totem pole! So iconic!

  8. I love the subtle pallet yo uhave used and the way that you have built up the shading in the baclkground. The maple leaf details are lovely and the totem is wonderful.

  9. Yes, the maple leave is Canada! Beautiful colors and a very well design. I love the totem pole!

  10. I love the gentle colour palette in this piece. The leaves are beautiful and really do symbolise Canada. The totem makes a great contrast to the natural shapes of the leaves.

  11. Canada! I like how you incorporated the overcast sky background and the layering of the fall shades of cheese cloth in your design giving texture and dimension and a lovely setting for the beautiful leaves and the cultural heritage of the Native North American people of Canada, the totem pole. Well done Chantal!

  12. studiociboulette

    woww, I love your palette of colors and all the designs. I recognized Canada right away. It is a beautiful quilt. bravo

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