Ann Turley – Artist style #1

PAUL KLEE 1879 – 1940

Paul Klee was a Swiss-born German artist who was influenced by movements in art that included expressionism, cubism, and surrealism. Klee was a natural draftsman who experimented with and eventually deeply explored color theory, writing about it extensively. His works reflect his dry humor and his sometimes-childlike perspective, his personal moods and beliefs, and his musicality.

Klee has been variously associated with Expressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Surrealism, and Abstraction, but his pictures are difficult to classify. He generally worked in isolation from his peers and interpreted new art trends in his own way. He was inventive in his methods and technique. Klee worked in many different media including oils, watercolor, pastels, etching, and others. He often combined them into one work. He used canvas, burlap, muslin, linen, gauze, cardboard, metal foils, fabric, wallpaper, and newsprint. Klee employed spray paint, knife application, stamping, glazing, and impasto, and mixed media such as oil with watercolor, watercolor with pen and India ink, and oil with tempera.

“Once Emerged From the Grey Of Night” is a picture poem, most likely composed by Klee himself. Letters and numbers were held in high esteem as a way of expressing himself in an original way. I was inspired by this image and Klee’s efforts to mix painting and poetry. My quilt is the first part of a famous quote by the artist – “A line is a dot…” The rest of the quote will be the next in my series of works inspired by Paul Klee.

Paul Klee’s “Once Emerged From The Grey Of Night”

“My quilt, “A Line Is A Dot…”

Detail view:

  1. How fun that we both came up with Klee yet so different with our choices of his art! Love your intepretation and the execution is perfect.

  2. Interesting to see how your interpretation of Klee takes a completely different direction from that of Bozena’s. A great start to your series.

  3. Wonderful interpretation and yes two artists it is going to be interesting. Love your colours and stitching. bravo

  4. Chantal Guillermet

    I like your interpretation of Klee’s painting. I look foward to seeing your next pieces !

  5. A fantastic and personal vision of the work of Paul Klee. Excellent choice of colours. Great and original work! I await the following with curiosity and interest.

  6. It will be so much fun to see how your and Bozena’s interpretation of the same artist will differ completely. Klee was on my list too. You really captured his style in this piece and I am very much looking forward to the execution of the rest of the quote.

  7. You have succeeded in not only using Klee’s style but also including a poem! Great idea and how much fun that it is very different from Bozeman’s take on Klee. Well done!

  8. Interesting to see a different view of this artist. Your piece is bright and cheerful and I look forward to the continuation of the poem.

  9. It is very interesting that the same artist is chosen by two of the group as each expresses their choice in a different and so personal way. I look foward to seeing your next pieces !

  10. How interesting that you and Bozena have chosen the same artist, and how wonderful that you have both interpreted his work in diffecrent ways. I love the way that you have chosen a geometric design this time that includes his abstract way of including letters in his work, and your choice of colours is very effective, I look forward to seeing how your series develops.

  11. Yes, it is an interesting coincide with Bozena’s choice and so different. I wonder what directions you both go in the future.

  12. Nice to see Bozena and you have the same artist, but a totaly different approach. Very well executed.

  13. Love how you have executed and captured the style and colors of Paul Klee‘s painting. Great start to your series!

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