Greetje Hein – Series #1 – Pansy

In the last few years I have taken part in several workshops from foreign quilters, i.e. Katie Pasquini, Susan Brubacker and Elsbeth Nusser. So far I did not use the techniques I learned from them.

My goal for the series challenge is to use these techniques and maybe make a combination of them. My backgrounds will be more or less the same for all five. I will use green and purple/blue in all of my quilts. In all five quilts there will be one or more pansies. These pansies will be made with different techniques.

For my first quilt I made a composition of different fabrics as a background. I also used ribbons and machine-embroidered motives. The leaves are made with green organza. This pansy is a hand painted one from the workshop with Susan Brubacker.

The whole piece is machine quilted, mostly free motion.

Close up View:


  1. This is a beautiful piece Greetje ! I like the composition of your background and your choice of fabrics with different textures. Your pansy is so real and colours well chosen, bravo !

  2. It is very beautiful! I love the details in your quilt and I can’t wait to see more!

  3. Beautiful background and I love the colors and the thread painting of you pansy. Looking forward to the rest of the serie.

  4. What a brilliant start to your series, I really look forward to seeing the others. Beautifully executed!

  5. Pansies are great favourites of mine — they make an appearance in my garden every summer! Your piece is so pretty — and so realistic; I look forward to seeing what you create next.

  6. I love this piece and the way that you are going to approach the series. The pansy is beautifully done, and I think your colours are stunning. I love the way you have treated the background, and I look forward to seeing your next piece.

  7. A stunning start to your series. The pansy detail is beautiful. Your class with Susan B must have been fascinating. I like the idea of a unified theme and color scheme. I look forward to seeing how the series evolves.

  8. What a lovely way to create a pansy and that you will use a returning colour plan in your series. Beautiful hand paining and stitching in the pansy, and a nice and well thought background. Love to see more….

  9. What a lovely pansy – so colourful but gentle too. I like the idea of the unifying colours and look forward to seeing pansies in many forms.

  10. This is beautiful Greetje. I like how you combined the ribbons, different textured fabrics with quilting that accentuates the hand painted pansy. Lovely.

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