Elsy Menko – P


Pomegranates are my favorite fruit. When in season they are in abundant supply here and we eat them every day. For this subject I adopted the technique developed by Gillian Travis called Interchange Applique and worked with two fabrics for each 3” block. Saved some fabric as 3 are recommended per block!  The result is a positive and negative quilt, the first one having a green background with red fruit and the second one a red background with green fruit.

All fabrics are plain and commercial cottons and batiks. Threads: Madeira rayon.


  1. carolinehiggs

    I love this Elsy, so bright and cheerful. Love your choice of colours and fabrics. Welcome!

  2. Such nice, bright colours. Well done!
    I’ve seen some of Gilians quilts and I love the technique.

  3. A very nice piece to start with Elsy, love your colours and the balance you created. And the amount of pomegranates you eat is perfectly coming back in this quilt!

  4. How lovely and vibrant Elsy! I translated for Gillian Travis In 2018 when she went to teach at the Mexico City Quilt Show. Welcome and well done!

  5. I really like the choice of colours, the composition and the balance that you managed to give. Congratulations and welcome to the group!

  6. What a bright and cheerful quilt. Lovely. Welcome to 15..

  7. Welcome to 15 x 15 Elsy ! Very nice and colourful quilt !

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