Diana Vincent – Seasons – Antarctic Summer

Antarctic Summer

The Antarctic is one place on earth where there is little seasonal change, it is ice and snow all year round. In the summer when there is light almost twenty four hours a day some of the ice recedes a little revealing craggy mounds with a scattering of hardy wildflowers, this is what I have tried to recreate in my quilt. Hand dyed background, hand dyed feature fabrics for the mounds, white manipulated scrim as snow drifts. Machine quilted with a variety of metallic threads to add sparkle, unfortunately this didn’t come through on the pictures. Bound with bridal veiling so as not to intrude on the overall scene.



Close up view:


  1. Wonderful interpretation of the theme. Love the colors, the piecing of the ice and the use of the scrim.

  2. Definitely a unique interpretation of the theme…and a great use of piecing and scrim. I’ve not thought of snow and ice as textured in this way, and I really like that idea!

  3. joanbrailsford

    I love the way you have pieced your fabric to represent the landscape. This is a very original interpretation of the subject

  4. Diana I love the dynamics of your design, the tranquility leads into ruggedness then in to gentleness (created by the flowing bridal veiling) bravo

  5. I love the colours and how you’ve represented the sharpness of ice ! beautiful

  6. Diana, I love the way you did the ice and the use of the scrim.
    I’m sorry you leave the group! Your quilts are always lovely.

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