Chantal Guillermet – Motion – Cycling in the wind

The dictionary “New Collins” the definition for Motion is :

The process of continual changes in the physical position of an object, or : A movement or an action, or : A manner of movement like walking or cycling …, or : The ability of  movement, like gestures etc …

Looking  at the several aspects of the definition, I thought about the different means of transportation. I decided to choose cycling because of the double movement :because the body is in motion it  produces a movement to the bicycle.

I imagined a scene with two girls cycling in the wind, like the ones I see in Brittany on the coast.

Technique and material :

I started by fusing a light bondaweb on a thin cotton batting, arranged my fabrics on the batting and ironed them in place.

I have used linen, a loose woven quality, that I like for its texture. It is hand-dyed. Only the sky is a hand-dyed popelin.

The girls on their bicycles : I have traced the design on a piece of Stitch & Tear and, with the heavier thread in the bobin, I have free motion stitched them from the back on the batting. I have added the backing afterwards. In doing this it was easier to be precise, especially with the bicycles ! they were a little bit tricky to reproduce … they were coloured at the end with inktense pencils.

I have used stencilling with acrylic paint for the pebbles on the road and for the flower bushes; and metallic wax for the curly shapes in the sky suggesting  wind.

Finally I have added some free hand embroideries for embellishment to give texture.

Close up View




  1. Chantal a delightful interpretation and your technique is something that I may try in the future, your background is also vibrant and offsets the cyclists. Well done.

  2. A very delicate interpretation of this theme, which I like very much. The superimposition of the figures on the background is an intriguing technique!

  3. As usual an excellent piece produced in a most professional manner. I love the girls on their bicycles. Best seen in close up so all the details show up. Wonderful

  4. A lovely image of relatively slow motion! I love the delicacy of the figures. A great piece.

  5. What a lovely picture! The girls on the bicycles catch my eyes and make me feel relaxed!

  6. Chantal, perfect how you did the bicycles, great technique! I love the loose woven linen and how you used it. Your piece gives me the feeling of a lazy summer afternoon.

  7. Beautiful piece Chantal and I love your combination of hand and machine quilting. I was wondering about the metallic wax in the sky. How do you use this?

  8. A lovely way to depict the cyclist, and I like the way that you have built up the background colors and textures.

  9. Chantal, the fabrics are wonderful. The contrast between the color and texture of the fabrics and the simplicity of the bicycling girls works very well.

  10. Chantal, you keep producing stunning pieces. Thank you for all the detail on the techniques you have used. The coloured layers and the variety of fabrics make a wonderful background for the two girls on their bicycles.

  11. English quilter

    A very creative and evocative piece. I love the use of bobbinwork to create the two girls cycling. The hand dyed fabrics are beautiful. I enjoyed seeing the detailed photos of your techniques. I really enjoyed the colours you used to interpret the landscape

  12. Chantal, what more is there to say…. A lovely piece with great technical details, beautiful colours and the relaxed feeling of a holiday. I love the way you made your girls from the back of the piece, I’ll try that one day.

  13. The girls look very French. Love the stitched details.

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