Lin Hsin-Chen – Botanics – Infinite Blessings

It is well-founded that plants appeared before creatures on the Earth. However, in the 21st century, the Earth is facing ecological crisis due to environmental issues of plants. Such crisis will change the history of human beings forever. A series of adverse conditions has occurred because of mankind changing the ecology of plants. The story of global warming has become a major drama that we have to accept! Let us give future climate infinite blessings!

Materials: dyed fabrics, chintz, ribbon, beads, Romanian thread
Techniques: hand pieced, hand appliquéd, hand quilted, hand embroidered



  1. I always enjoy your colourful pieces, Lin…preserving in fabric the beauty of earth’s flora.

  2. Very colorful Lin.

  3. Thank you Margaret and Els. Botanics is such a big theme and I really love it. I had many ideas in my head and drew 7 drafts before creating it. It is so hard to make decisions! I finally completed with my 8th draft after making 5 unfinished samples. I am happy with a final result : )

  4. A very nice and well balanced piece; the softness of the flowers shows how they can be fragile and why we have to protect them.

  5. A lovely combination of delicate flowers and leaves. The colour combinations are perfect.

  6. A lovely study; the colours and forms blend so nicely together reflecting the fragile nature of the plants.

  7. A beautiful quilt, I love the flow of the flowers and leaves across the design. Well done


    Very nice colours and a subtle use of colours and stitching. I agree that we have to try to protect nature against human influences, if every single person is realizing that, maybe we can change something. Your piece of art is a lesson to show how nature can be if we don’t touch it!

  9. Lovely colours and delicate blossoms. The flowers look very fragile.

  10. This is lovely study of plants, with many interesting design features, yet giving a peaceful delicate feeling to the flowers. The colours are wonderful, and seem to move through the piece. Very nice

  11. Lovely colors. Nice quilt.

  12. I love the colors and the delicate blossoms. The leaves help accentuate the delicate nature of the flowers. Doing this piece all by hand is quite a feat. Well done

  13. What wonderful work! Your applique and stitch are gorgeous. The design and colors remind us of what’s at stake.

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