Elsy Menko – Artist style #5

Kibbutz field – waiting for the rain

Not only the kibbutzim themselves were a favorite subject of Michael Kovner, so were the fields surrounding them. He painted them in all seasons.

Commercial cotton fabrics, tule, acrylic paint, machine stitched, some hand stitching


Artist pictures:

Michael Kovner – waiting for the rain

Michael Kovner – kibbutz field in summer:


  1. Great interpretation, the colours are very vibrant and compliment the abstraction of the design.

  2. An interesting colour palette; the stitching has helped to define each area. nice work, well done.

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    Beautiful choice of colours ! the composition of your piece is very well balanced.

  4. studiociboulette

    Beautiful interpretation of the paintings through fabric. I love the colors. Bravo!

  5. Very balanced design with beautiful colors and texture. Love it!

  6. I feel at home when I look at your work. The colors are very beautiful and give me a feeling of nature

  7. I love the whole series and with every piece it becomes even more interestin. And yes, the colors are spectacular!

  8. Great interpretation and lovely colours. An excellent addition to your series.

  9. Exciting use of color, great interpretation.

  10. The colours are warm and lovely and the design really reflects the artist work. Well done

  11. Beautiful colors and composition. I love how you added the little green pieces in the foreground. It makes you curious what it is supposed to be.

  12. Wonderful Interpretation! You have captured the essence of Kovner with your rich, vibrant color choices and stitching. Well done.

  13. Lovely colors! I like the handstitched details.

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