Susan Slesinger – Decay

Wonky Barn III

I have been taking photographs of a dilapidated barn in St. Catherine de Hatley, Quebec, over a period of about fifteen years.  During this time, the barn has undergone a number of stages of decay.  Firstly much of the wood got weathered and some of the wood shrank leaving small gaps in the main doors.  The roof has developed a beautiful rust coloured patina.  Next some of the planks were replaced.  The owner must of gotten tired of replacing wood, as a few pieces of metal were nailed over areas of damage for a quick fix.  This February, there were much  larger areas of the side wall of the barn covered with metal sheets, and there were a few open areas where the wooden planks had fallen out and one could see into the blackness of the barn although only a few straws of hay showed through, indication the emptiness within.  Meantime, a small, brand new structure with a bright red door appeared at the base of the barn, providing a stark contrast with the old barn, and the dilapidated shed adjacent to the barn.

This is the third small study that I have made of the barn. (You can see the second study at ) I chose to depict the side of the barn as it has suffered the most damage, and the openings let the imagination run wild.

Techniques:  Foundation string piecing. raw edge applique, photo printing, machine quilting

Materials:  Commercially printed cotton fabrics, cotton batik fabrics, hand painted fabrics, digitally printed cotton fabrics, recycled home dec fabrics, 100% cotton batting, 2ply cotton thread, Wonderfil Invisifil© polyester thread. Wonderfil Glamore© Rayon and metallic thread, Wonderfil Spaghetti 12 weight cotton thread, Wonderfil Tutti cotton thread.

Close up view:


Original picture:

  1. carolinehiggs

    Love the old barn. Great use of fabric.

  2. Love your barn, Susan! Some years ago I stitched one myself so your sentiments really resonate with me 🙂

  3. Fascinating old barn. A disappearing world and human history. Well composed and good choice of fabrics and colours.

  4. A great choice of fabrics to make your barn realistic ! And this band new baby barn gives a good contrast with the old one. It is always sad to see how some old buildings are neglected.

  5. I looked at the Entrance piece as well- amazing how an old barn can give so much inspiration and I am sure you will find even more in the future. Love the design and fabric choices.

  6. studiociboulette

    Very nice old barn. I love your choice of fabric and details. Excellent

  7. Old barns, sad but beautiful too. You managed to catch the sphere with your choice of fabric . Love the little details.

  8. A lovely old barn. Your fabrics work well with the theme.

  9. Very nice rendition of the old barn. I like your take on the decay of the scene. Very good piece.

  10. Such a nice idea to use again the picture of a barn that you have been photographing for so many years and have seen dilapidating. This really is Decay! The pink door in the front structure just gives it an extra dimension.

  11. joanbrailsford

    I remember the other barn design that you created, and this makes a really nice study that shows the decay of the barn. I love the colours and stitching you have used. A very peaceful and quiet feel about this piece.

  12. A lovely choise of fabrics. Batiks are so beautiful to create this old barn.

  13. Charming study, interpretation and comparison of a quaint, aging barn with a new colorful one. Your stitching and color choices are spot on and the pop of color is a nice contrast.

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