Kaylene Maalste – Black and White – Shell

Living next to the Southern Ocean and the River Murray, it is easy to take the ocean and it’s inhabitants as inspiration for my quilt. One beach I go to has a million+ shells, so I picked one and used it as my design. I sketched out the shape of the shell on paper, divided the shell into sections and made freezer paper templates. By placing the shell at an angle I had hoped to give it a different perspective, having worked with a shell design in the distant past I wanted to add a shadow but did not have the “right” fabric, so instead used white in my quilting design.

Technique: raw applique and quilting. Black binding.

Fabrics: black and black and white patterned fabric

Self critique: my initial quilting line was not straight and this caused me a problem when squaring the quilt. I have to decide on how to correct this.


Close up View:


Please excuse the shadow, it is not an easy task to photograph black and white.

  1. carolinehiggs

    Lovely; the use of the different patterned fabric has worked well and I love the movement in the quilting.

  2. A good use of patterned fabrics, and I also love the quilted waves on the background.

  3. It is nice to see how you used different fabrics to create this shell. I like the wavy quilting lines, especially the white ones.

  4. Always nice to use something from your close environment. It means you have some connection with it. Love the shell shape and the creation of depth through the quilting lines.

  5. Nice use of the fabric patterns. I love the movement in the quilting. Beautiful…

  6. I like the way that you have used patterned fabric to emphasise the shapes within the shell. The quilting really does give movement to the piece and reminds me of the sea (where the shell came from).

  7. Well done Kaylene, the pattern fabrics work well against the black background emphasizing the shell and the quilted waves adds depth and soft, gentle movement.

  8. Very striking! I really like how you abstracted the shell!

  9. Striking use of fabrics. Nice quilting job. I also feel the movement.

  10. Good taste for the choice of fabrics and perfect assembly of the same. The shell combined with the quilting creates depth and movement.Well done.

  11. Shell and the sea, they belong to eachother and you managed to catch that in your quilt. Love the fabrics you used and the way you quilted the piece to reach the wavy effect, my compliments!

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