Chantal Guillermet – Artist style #6

Hymn to life

Chagall’s painting is a hymn to life and this is particularly well captured by his own words “I simply opened the window of my room and the blue air, love and flowers were there”. They inspired me to build this quilt which concludes my series on Chagall.

It is a window opened on love, the world around us and music.

It also reflects the influence of cubism on Chagall’s work even though he never adhered to the movement.

For the construction I was inspired by two paintings “The Red Jew, 1915” and “Nude with tree, 1911”.

All the fabrics I used are old cotton or linen sheets that I dyed.

The tree is worked with painted vliesofix, the leaves printed with a stamp I made.

The quilt is machine quilted and faced.


Detail views:

  1. A very fitting end to your series. Great colour palette and attention to detail as always. Lovely work.

  2. Beautiful as always, the delicacy of the colours and the attention to detail lead to immediately recognising your style. Lovely work.

  3. Exquisite work, the colours are in harmony and you have to be congratulated on your attention to detail. Bravo

  4. That is a true Chantal, you have your own style that is very delicate and easily recognizable. Love the colors and details. Bravo!

  5. studiociboulette

    Beautiful work, I like the colors and subtle details of the writing, the violin. Beautiful fabric and composition. Bravo!

  6. I love the details in your work and the variety of styles that fit together. The colors are subtle and blend into the atmosphere.

  7. Lovely work, delicate colors, great details and styles that go well together. Always love inclusion of text. Great end of your series!

  8. Yours is a very moving piece, full of detail and meaning.

  9. I immediately recognize it as your style influenced by Chagall”s work, but you really made it yours. Love the subtle stitching of the text and the lady, with the violin more pronounced in the foreground. A great series.

  10. The colours and stitching are lovely. I like the idea of blue air coming in the open window. Great end to your series.

  11. A wonderful finale to your series of “home and traditions and the importance of music”. You’ve captured the feel of love and music in your Chagall inspired window quilt. Love all the meaningful details, well done!

  12. joanbrailsford

    I love the quiet colours that represent the hymn to life, and the texture of the fabric adds to the effect. Beautifully designed and stitched, and a very fitting end to your series

  13. Obviously yours! A Chagall a la Chantal. Great choice of colors. A beautiful end of your series.

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