Els Mommers – Country – Landscape


The San Blas Islands are situated off the North coast of Panama . It  is an archipelago of 365 islands, of which only 49 are inhabited.

The inhabited islands are completely covered with dwellings, the other islands are of a tropical beauty with white sand beaches and palm trees. I wanted to show the beauty of these uninhabited islands, with some mountains of the mainland in the distance.

In front three Guna Indians in their cayuco (paddling canoe) that is so typical for this environment. Before painting the sea with turquoise fabric paint I first fist painted a  pearlescent white  as an under layer. White glitter paint is added for the waves.

For the sandy beach I used coarse pumice gel to get some texture. After painting I added a layer of gel medium. The outline of the cayuco and the Indians is machine sewed. Boat and  Indians are painted with acrylic pens. The red/orange scarves are fused.

Under the boat is shimmering organza and tulle, as is on the shore. Some painted and heated cellophane is added for the foam around the rock. 

 I again incorporated a traditional mola piece on the left side . This time it is part of a collar that was especially made for me on a T-shirt.

The whole piece is machine quilted.

Looking at this piece makes me homesick and grateful for all the times that I was able to spend there.

Pictures of the whole process can be seen on my blog:


Detail views:


  1. It feels like a lovely place to be. And your incorporation of traditional mola really makes it sing, great job!

  2. carolinehiggs

    This is lovely Els, such great attention to detail and use of different techniques. The mola piece really sets if off.

  3. its gives me a desire to be in a place like this. very good work, I love using Mula.

  4. Beautiful design and attention to detail. Colours make the quilt pop.

  5. What an idyllic place it looks like ! Once again your maestria with colour and composition makes this piece so special. I love the personal touch with the mola on the left !

  6. Maryte Collard

    I knew even before reading who the author of this quilt was. The colors, lots of details, the texture, created using different techniques, shows your talent. Looks like a very special place!

  7. studiociboulette

    Beautiful Els, makes me want to be there as well. So peaceful and gorgeous. I like how you integrated the mola in the design. Bravo.

  8. I am always in awe with all your different techniques. This mola is so beautiful and adds so much to the otherwise glorious quilt. Very captivating story, thanks for sharing.

  9. Your quilts are always awe-inspiring and I truly appreciate your explantions as to how they are constructed. My husband and I have been to Panama City several times and I too, am taken by the molas made by the women. The details you have added to the trees make them seem realistic.

  10. joanbrailsford

    Once again the techniques and textures you have incoporated make the scene come alive and give a beautiful depth to the piece. I love the colours and the mola edge is wonderful. Brilliant work

  11. Lovely work as ever. I am always impressed by the range of techniques that you use and this time is no exception.

  12. I admire your ability to add so much texture and detail with all the techniques you use on your quilts. Adding the mola piece that was made especially for you adds an especially personal touch to your beautiful and realistic scene. You truly showed us the beauty of the islands, It’s amazing!

  13. For sure you showed us the beauty of the San Blas Islands. Again you used a lot of different techniques. Adding the mola piece is wonderful.

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