Diana Vincent – Entrance _ Double Entry


For many years I have taken pictures of all different types of entry. Doors, arches, arbours and gates, as I had the idea that one day I would do a series of quilts, but so far this hasn’t happened. So when Entrance was chosesn as the theme I had a vast amount of material from which to choose. I narrowed it down to two pictures, one of a lovely church door and the other a wrought iron fence and gates. I couldn’t decide which I wanted to use so in the end I used both of them. The background is painted and printed, the wrought iron stitched, I also used Inktense pencils and Pigma pen.


  1. Delightful! And one would never know this pair of portals wasn’t meant to be together. Love the use of paint on the background — I’d never thought of it for bushes but of course it’s perfect!

  2. I agree with Margaret, it also reminds me of the church I went to as a child, well done.

  3. joanbrailsford

    I like the way that the painting and printing have given detail to this lovely piece. I admire the way that you have rendered the railing – my stitching is nowhere near good enough to be as accurate and delicate as that.

  4. Diana, it seems we share the love of wrought iron fences. I love the way you used the paint for details.

  5. Diana, the wrought iron work is perfect, its as though it is meant to be there. The painted detail is eye catching.

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