Chantal Guillermet – Recycle. We do not inherit the Earth …

The title of this quilt is a quotation from an Indian chief but have been used by the French writer Antoine de Saint Exupery in his writings as well : it conveys an idea of respect for our environment. Because we don’t own the Earth, we have to keep it clean and beautiful for our children

And to keep this present for our children, we have to  recycle instead of  wasting and polluting our environment. Our Grand Mothers didn’t know the meaning of “recycling” : it was their way of life, it was natural, they were recycling all the time : the scraps were kept for a future project, the clothes saved for another child etc …

That’s why I’ve  worked with bits and pieces belonging to my Grand Mothers. From their treasure boxes I’ve chosen black lace and tulle, monograms (I’ve painted them), silk. In one the boxes there was a sleeve coming from a dress … the tulle comes from it.

The background is an old damask tablecloth dyed with Procion MX. The stripes are Sari borders. The hexagons are leftovers from one of my quilt.

Free motion quilting for the quotation. Hand embroideries on a silk  printed  tulle and hand quilting.

15X15 Recycling 004

Close up View:

15X15 Recycling 017


15X15 Recycling 006



  1. A real treasure full of memories, ‘chapeau’ for the free motion quotation!

  2. I love all the different details in it and your free motion words.

  3. It must have been a delightful experience to use the your Grandmothers’ bits and pieces lovely design and a great message about recycling.

  4. Very good use of colors. I like the details you add in the quilt. It’s beautiful.

  5. English quilter

    What a beautiful way to honour our fore-mothers and use their creations in a new project.

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