Greetje Hein – Entrance – Smell the flowers

“Smell the flowers”

This design is in my head for years. A garden with a wrought iron gate. So when this subject came I immediate knew what to do.

The sky is my first piece of snow-dyed fabric. The flowers are done with a embellisher. I used batik fabrics on a batik background. Just the centre of the flowers are connected which gives a 3-dimensional effect.

For the trees are I used the method I learned from Susan Dahlberg: small pieces of embroidery thread kept in place with organza.

The gate is stitched on lutrador, then cut with a burning tool. I connected it on a few places to the background so it keeps the 3-dimensional effect.


Close up View:




  1. Lovely! I was particularly interested in your techniques for the flowers, trees (leaves) and the wrought iron. Thank you for sharing…and for creating such a pretty ‘entrance’ to an enchanted garden.

  2. I thought the flowers etc were the center piece, until I read how you constructed the gate, my oh my what patience, this is a wonderful interpretation and glad you now have been able to interpret your idea and share with us. Well done

  3. It is beautiful ! and I can’t wait to see it in real !

  4. carolinehiggs

    What patience you have, it is a really effective piece of work, so much detail.

  5. joanbrailsford

    What a brilliant idea to create the flowers using 3D techniques. Then to add the fence and gateway so painstakingly is a real joy. A lovely piece.

  6. Beautiful Greetje. Lovely flowers and very intricate fence. I admire your patience

  7. What a colourful interpretation of our theme. The lovely flowers and the wrought iron fence are very eye catching. This piece must have been very time consuming, but well worth it for such a great result.

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