Greetje Hein – M


For this series I had a few “rules”: I wanted to use different colors and different shapes for the fieldflowers. The starting point was a meadow of flowers. I couldn’t think of a flower M with a different shape and color I used for the other quilts. That’s why I decided to make the meadow itself. All the flowers for the other letters are in this piece.

This is the coordinating quilt for the whole series. Instead of doing the word vertical I did this one horizontal. I also situated the flowers in the background and kept the letter M as it is.

First I painted some spots on the background fabric with a sponge. After that I used the confetti method with batik and embroidery floss. I covered this with green chiffon. I used the colors from the other quilts. The trees are stamped and thread painted. For the three-dimensional effect all the different flowers of the whole series are embroidered or cut from batik and stitched in the center.

When I was satisfied with the background I took a picture of this part. I printed it several times on photo fabric and cut the word “meadow”. This is stitched on the green velour de panne. Finally the green lace and some beads are sewn at the bottom. 


Detail view:

  1. A great way to bring all you pieces together while keeping to the same construction format. A lovely colourful piece and I love the trees in the background!

  2. I agree with Caro, it is certainly going to bring all the other quilts together. What a great idea, to sponge the fabric and then use the confetti technique . Love it.

  3. You have reached an excellent result of merging your previous works. I like the Meadow writing with the photos and the plants in the background that give it depth. Bravo.

  4. I like how you succeded in bringing the previous pieces together with this one ! The trees in the distances are beautiful and the way you have “treated” your background with sponge prints and confetti very effective !

  5. You have created a very vibrant and colourful meadow. I especially like the flowers cut out from pieces of fabric and the hand stitched ones. The trees in the background give the whole piece depth. How clever to have brought all your quilts together in this way. Well done.

  6. Wow, you created a beautiful meadow with depth, dimension, texture and lots of color. Love all the layering techniques you used. Well done!

  7. This meadow is so vibrant and awesome. I love how you added all the 3D flowers you have used so far, again in 3D on this piece. Your choice to put the word horizontal sends indeed out the message that this is the piece that connects al the other ones. Bravo.

  8. Great idea conecting all your flowers together! And I love all the joyful colours spotted in your meadow.

  9. What a joyous piece this is and such a lovely addition to your series. I like the way you have worked the meadow flowers and the colours you have used are perfect. I really enjoyed this piece.

  10. I love how this piece ties together all of your other little quilts. The colors are bright and cheerful and the methods you used are interesting.

  11. studiociboulette

    I love the flowers, so bright and cheerful. Beautiful details throughout the whole quilt. Beautiful!

  12. Greetje, this is so beautiful, especially the thought behind it to make this the leading quilt of your series.Love the stamping of the trees, and the confetti work. Also the decision to put your text horizontal is a great idea. Well done!

  13. There is so little new to add to all previous comments. Your idea is very clever and the execution is just perfect. I love your piece very much!

  14. I agree with all the other comments and I love this piece. A great idea to have this as the link in your series. Beautiful colours.

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