Els Mommers – Series #1 – Black and white

Artist Statement: BLACK and WHITE : lock

For my DOOR images series I have been photographing a lot of old doors and I am always especially intrigued by the peeling paint. These peeling paint structures were my quilt inspiration and I wanted to use these images for exploring textile surface design techniques. For this series, I am going to continue on this path and moreover, as a kind of continuation of the door image quilts, I now want to focus on locks, keys and keyholes. I want to show the power of these details in this black and white quilt.

Technique: stenciling on fabric, painting, raw-edge applique, free motion quilting

Material: black and white cotton fabric, Markal paintsticks, fabric paint, 80/20 batting, black cotton thread

The whole process of this work can be seen on my blog:

black and white, textile surface design, lock, keyhole, peeling paint, old doors, wood pattern stencil, kunamola, black and white quilt



  1. Love it and it fits so well with your doors, like the continuing ideas of locks etc, I am sure the texture is more evident in reality.

  2. carolinehiggs

    This is beautiful, I love the way that you have used the paint and stencils to create this piece to continue your work linked to doors.

  3. I looked at your techniques on your blog, very interesting ! I like how you keep your theme and stay linked with the previous series. I like the texture you got on your fabric using different medias.

  4. I know how you struggled, but the final result is stunning. A good continuing of the door-series.

  5. Great work creating textures on the fabric. Love it…

  6. joanbrailsford

    A lovely interpretation of the texture of the peeling paint, and like the way that the lock sits against the background. This is a really clever continuation of your original theme. Well done.

  7. What a great idea to continue with the door image quilts. The focus on locks, Keys and texture is quite lovely and well thought out. Good job Els!

  8. What a clever way to continue your exploration of doors…in keeping with the challenge’s parameters! I really like the wood grain effect and contrast of the lock and key, which are almost delicate.

  9. I like the way you handle this series. Changing it and yet staying true to the theme. It’s taken a grim view this time because of the black and white. It’s almost scary. Definitely powerful.

  10. I was able to see your series of doors in Villefranche sur Saône. Great idea to continue with this theme. You were able to create the wood structure in a perfect way and the addition of the lock and padlock details give, combined with black and white, an idea of mystery and fear. I love it.

  11. Love your idea of the locks and keys for your series, it relates to your previous series and tells a continuing story. Not only of the doors and locks, but also about your experiments with materials to reach the results in every piece you create.. Very nice work Els, anxious to see your next piece

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