Maryte Collard – Country – Landscape

Inspiration: my inspiration comes from the country where my roots are, and were I live now. Lithuanian landscape is very close to my heart, it is beautiful, and it changes with the season.

We have no mountains and not even many hills. We have lakes and rivers and still 30% of the territory is covered by forests. Where ever you are in Lithuania, you actually always are close to the forest or at least can see it on the horizon.

When I chose Lithuania for this year’s country challenge, I gave a promise that I will be using traditional Lithuanian textiles, mostly linen. I am going to avoid commercially dyed fabrics as much as I can, and do as much hand work as possible.

Following these rules I had no other choice as to make Lithuanian winter landscape. For the sky I used unbleached linen. The distant brownish horizon made from eco dyed linen. For the white snow I layered bleached white linen with the white linen gauze loosely placed on top of it. Only for the frozen lake I used commercially dyed piece.

All layers are not sewn together, just placed overlapping each other. The snowflakes in the sky, the trees in the horizon and dry grasses sticking out from the snow are hand embroidered through all three layers of the quilt sandwich. This way the embroidery serves as quilting, and no other quilting is done. The embroidery is also done with linen yarns.


  1. What a dreamy landscape, Maryte! And your embroidery quilting works perfectly!

  2. carolinehiggs

    This is a beautiful piece Maryte, so many detailed stitches and a really lovely colour palette make the scene so peaceful. Great work!

  3. Beautiful design and I love the simplicity and use of materials.

  4. Such a good idea to choose linen for your winter scene ! the natural colours adds to the quietness of the atmosphere. Your embroideries are lovely.

  5. wounderful piece, so many stitches Iadmire your work. love the delicate colors.

  6. studiociboulette

    What a dreamy landscape. I love forests and your choice of making it a winterscape is so delightful. Beautiful!

  7. Lovely wintery landscape, great embroidery. Such a great choice of fabric and colours. A most lovely piece.

  8. Such a tranquil and beautiful landscape. The colors are delicate and your stitching enhances it in a sublime way. I love it.

  9. Your quilt has a nice wintery feel to it, and I love all of your embroidery work.

  10. joanbrailsford

    I love this clean and beautiful quilt which has such a peaceful and calm feel. Your choice of fabrics is really great and the hand stitching works so well. Beautiful

  11. What a lovely, peaceful scene. I love the way you have built your picture layer by layer and the embroidered details give a magical touch.

  12. This is a serene composition with soft, delicate colors and beautiful detailed stitching filled with texture. Lovely!

  13. I love how you used just linen fabrics and thread. Your embroidery is so beautiful. Well done.

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