Els Mommers – Music


Inspiration: I love string instruments and play a lot of this music while working in my studio.

I started with transfer painting on lutrador, made some designs of string instruments on paper and cut them from the lutrador. These shapes are applied to the commercial background fabric by means of raw edge applique.
I then painted piano keys on white cotton. This cotton was placed under the violin and provided with a shadow to add some depth.

In my stash I found some fabric with musical notes which is added under the instruments.
At last I copied some silhouettes from musicians with wind instruments from the internet and raw edge appliquéd them on top. The quilt is machine- and hand-quilted and faced.

Close up view:

  1. What a nice musical collection, Els! Love the colours of your music.

  2. Else, I knew it was your piece the moment I saw it. The shapes and colors plays the music to me…

  3. I love how you have managed to work the piece using your preferred colour palette! A great piece.


    Very interesting composition with different instruments and good contrast between bright colours and black and white ones !

  5. So colourful and vibrant as stringed instruments can be, marvellous interpretation.

  6. Very nice piece Els. Love the way you build it up and hear the music in it! Great shapes and colors.

  7. Nice composition, and I like your color choices. The piano keys that echo the curve of the guitar add visual interest.

  8. studiociboulette

    This is exquisite. I love all the textures and the colors that add a wonderful mood to the theme. This is a very happy music quilt. Beautiful!

  9. Beautiful design that is full of colour and interest and seems to hint at lively music. As always your work is beautifully done, and the techniques and fabrics work really well. Wonderful

  10. What a great illustration of the theme – so many instruments here. I particularly like the placement of the piano keys.

  11. As usual a colorful quilt. I love the colors and the shapes of the instruments. Great how you placed the curvy piano keys.

  12. The design composition has a psychedelic vibe to it with the distorted or surreal visuals and bright colors. Groovy, I love it Els!

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