Caro Higgs – S

S for Suzdal

Inspiration: Russian architecture was the inspiration for this piece.

I have decided to work the letter theme in a series as if each letter subject were a snapshot of placesI have visited, they will have the common theme running through them of having the prescribed letter included in morse code. Many of the houses in Suzdal had elaborately carved window surrounds and were colourful. There were plenty of domes and elegant buildings. Here I have combined two views making an inside out, or outside in, image. I really like the idea of having two layers of interest.

The centre piece is machine stitched and then coloured with some commercial fabric for the trees, I have chosen only to stick the ‘trees’ because I thought stitching them would make them too much of a focal point. The front, the window surround was then painted, the brown was appliquéd and the white detail stencilled. I have tried to see to the true colours because they were so striking. Above the window I have written Suzdal in the two languages, Russian and English. The letter S in morse code has been added under the window . The piece is bound in white as if it were a photograph.

S : Suzdal

  1. What a great idea with the letters staying for real places! Well done as I can see this Russian architecture here very well. And the Morse code is like a cherry on top.Three cherries, in fact :))

  2. What a beautiful representation of Suzdal. I recognize the colorful windows and the domes. Working with 2 layers makes it indeed even more interesting. The morse code is a very special find. I love it.

  3. You have found an excellent choice for the theme and the series. The code morse it’s a fantastic idea and her graphic shape complete well the Russian architecture design. The two layers give an impressive depth. I love it.

  4. Very interesting idea and you truly caught the spirit of Russian architecture. Blue is their favorite color, window and roof wooden carvings are everywhere. I also like the combination of outside and inside views – true artistic approach. Good job!

  5. You have sucessfully captured the spirit of Suzdal with this piece ! I also like the idea of two layers of interest in the same piece.

  6. What an excellent idea to use Morse code. I like the subtle tones and design. It will be an interesting series.

  7. Love your use of color and archetectural detail. Your theme will be exciting to seeing throughout the year.

  8. I like the idea of representing places you have visited, and adding the morse code for each letter is a very inspired touch. The colours you have used are beautiful and the piece is full of interest and depth because of the two-layer approach.

  9. What a great idea to incorporate the theme with places you have visited. In this piece, your arquitectural focal point, perspective and details are all well balanced and beautifully illustrated. Well done Caro!

  10. studiociboulette

    You have really embodied the Russian atmosphere and colors in your design, It is beautiful.

  11. What a beautiful quilt Caro, the subtle details in the centre and the strong surroundings of the windows, together with the bright blue color makes it very interesting. And your morse codes are brilliant! Love it…

  12. I like the idea for your series and the way you have made this into a photo. The colours are very Russian.

  13. What a great idea for your series. I love the two layers. The colours are well chosen and of course i also like the Morse code. Such a great quilt.

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