Caro Higgs – When East Meets West – Coming together

This piece links Japan and England, in what hopefully is a contemporary style using traditional methods. The idea of playing with colour ‘layers’ fascinates me and having learnt various techniques on a course last year using mainly indigo I wanted to play around using fibre reactive dyes to achieve more unusual effects.

I have used the Japanese method of Karamatsu to create the pattern through stitch and double dyeing. The fabric is cotton and the threads were dyed at the same time, the blue in the centre was the first of two dye runs, the yellow the second colour added and the green the result. The quilting comes from the two different cultures, in theory if not in practice! The chain border is typically Northern English and the centre piece in theory is a traditional sashisko design appropriately stitched. I had fun creating this although I think it is fairly simplistic I like the idea of the two cultures meeting and blending through the medium of stitch.


The following show the detail of the chain and centre piece.


  1. Elegant in its simplicity; very, very nice. 🙂

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    It isn’t as simplistic as it looks especially the dyeing process !
    I like the idea of the 2 cultures blending through stitches.

  3. Beautiful dyeing and quilting combined. I love the idea behind it.


    I like the way you thought about the theme and the process you chose to realize your piece of art.
    A lot of hand stitching and a nice result in colour and pattern. It looks lik a peaceful meeting.

  5. joanbrailsford

    A very peaceful piece that highlights the different styles of quilting/stitching. As a person from the north of England, I can identify with, and appreciate the chain design of the border.

  6. So nice how you dyed the fabric. I love your handquilting, the sashiko in the middle is very special.

  7. Great interpretation love the pattern and use of hand dyed material a great match. Bravo

  8. I love the dying especially the yellow pieces. Beautiful calm and serene so like the Japanese

  9. I describe this quilt as serene. You have achieved what must be a very satisfying outcome with the different dye layers, and the stitching. .Lovely.

  10. This is a very reflective piece; I find it serene, and not at all simplistic. The colors are beautiful and the stitch unifies the pattern elements. I like it a lot!

  11. English quilter

    The accuracy of your dyeing techniques is incredible, and the quilting designs really stand out. Well Done!

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