Joan Brailsford – Artist style #6

Ford Green Hall

The inspiration for my last quilt in the series is a 16th century timbered building which is the oldest building in the city. I was hesitant to use this as my subject because the building is black and white, while Hundertwasser’s work is so colourful, but then I decided to simply use the structure but add colour.

I decided to work part of the building instead of the whole thing, and  used strips of transfer painted paper randomly arranged to print onto white fabric to give the background colours. I then added strips of black commercial  fabric to represent the timbers. Using the patterns created by the transfer papers, I added chain stitch to highlight and celebrate the colours and to create the feeling of Hundertwasswer. Finally I used hand stitching between the rows of chain stitch to quilt the lower area of the building, and machine stitch at the top to give a different texture than the rest of the building.

This is definitely a more abstract representation than the previous pieces in my series

Detail view:


  1. Wow! I love the colours and the way the chain stitch blends in while accentuating the fabric colour. Great idea to transform black and white in to colour. A lovely finale to your series.

  2. Even if abstract, you managed to create the feeling of Hundertwasser colours. I like the choice of colour palette and the chain stitch. The quilt border complements your work beautifully. Bravo!

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    I am in awe of your chain stitch work ! the choice of colours is superband the whole thing reminds me of a labyrinth !

  4. Beautiful interpretation and use of colour. A fitting end to your series. Bravo

  5. studiociboulette

    Beautiful work and incredible stitching. It gives that incredible Hundertwasser feel. I love it and I love your series. Bravo!

  6. The gorgeous chain stitching creates the exact Hundertwasser feel! The color palette is beautiful. An exciting piece to complete your series!

  7. I really like the colors and all those chain stitches!!! Wauw!!! I love it, Joan!

  8. Your chain stitches add the entire new dimension to your piece. Is it done by hand? That’s a wonderful finale for your series!

  9. You made a good decision using color and your whole method of working with paper is very interesting. I like your stitching.

  10. In your “close to home” series you have successfully mixed Hunderwasser’s love of bright colors, organic forms and use of spirals with your own unique and personal style and subjects. Beautiful finale with meticulous stitching. Well done!

  11. The black and white structure of the building gives the piece a nice perspective. The hand stitched Hundertwasser motifs are beautiful executed.
    I love your whole series.

  12. Lovely colours that are emphasised by your beautiful chain stitching. The black and white fabrics create a definite feel of an old English timber frame building. An unusual but clever piece of work.

  13. Very nice! The chain stitch is so beautifully done and adds to the overall effectiveness of your interpretation.

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