Genevieve Guadalupe – S

Seed Sprout

Plant a little seed and it will sprout in the spring.

A new life begins, new hopes, new dreams.

It is good for the body, it is good for the soul.

Plant a little seed and it will sprout in the spring.

Plant a little seed and it will sprout in the spring.

Materials and technique: hand dyed cotton fabric, batting, poly/cotton threads, inktense watercolor. Machine pieced, machine quilted, free hand painting.

genevieve guadalupe seed sprout artquilt2 15x15'' 2020


  1. So simple and clear, love it!

  2. Elementary, but efficient! I love it.

  3. Looks simple but hides deep meaning. I love the verse you started with!

  4. I like how you introduce your work with a poem .
    Simple shapes but with good visual impact.

  5. Great choice of subject, the image might be simple but the detail you have managed to add with your stitching makes it far more complex. I really like your choice of colour as well.

  6. Less is more. Love poem and design.

  7. SImple and charming. I love it!

  8. Your piece has a very fresh feel to it, which perfectly suits the subject. Beautiful colours and complimentary stitching

  9. Love your modern, minimalistic composition and how the colors shine through the transparent leaves and root system. Charming interpretation of the theme and poem. Well done!

  10. Just one word, beautiful. I love to way you are looking and designing, so simple, but stunning!

  11. What a bright and optimistic quilt. I love this modern design and it’s message.

  12. That should be ….its message. Silly computer!

  13. A beautiful modern design. I love it!

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