Greetje Hein – Music

It sounds like music

Inspiration: Our grandson likes to make noise on everything. For him it sounds like music.

When our grandson is playing he can wonder about all the different sound things create. He especially likes to make noise on the pots and pans of big sisters kitchen.

For the background of this quilts I used a hand dyed fabric. I planned to make a kind of pencil drawing/sketch. On the computer I “translated” a photo into a drawing and used this as a guide. I also printed the same sketch on a piece of the same hand dyed fabric and used only the head part. The sketch part is free motion quilted with a dark grey rayon thread.


Close up view:

music close up

  1. Great take on the theme, Greetje! And love to colours of your music 🙂

  2. It sure sounds like music, I can hear it!

  3. A great idea, I can just imagine the music, probably best heard in small doses! beautiful stitching.


    original idea for the interpretation of music ! With his smiling face we can imagine how happy he is to hear his own music …
    How did you transfer your design on the fabric ? any special method or simply by tracing it ?

  5. Great concept, I remember those noisy sounds from my children. Great idea to sketch the body with his face.Cheers

  6. Love the way you worked out the theme Greetje and the series of three you made from your grandchildren. The way you sketched your grandson, having fun with the pots and pans matches with the sound he makes. Well done!

  7. This is joyous and cheerful, you can almost hear the sounds your grandson is making. Nice work!

  8. studiociboulette

    This is such a fun quilt. I love when babies discover they can make sounds and play away their music. Love your hand dyed fabric. Beautiful.

  9. I love the idea of your quilt and the joyful ‘music’ that your grandson makes. I can almost hear the sound! Wonderful thread painting and I like the had dyed background. Happy clattering!

  10. A future as a drummer, a nice choice for the theme. Nice idea to insert your grandson’s smiling face. The joy for his music shines through. Excellent stitch and dyeing successful.

  11. He looks so happy! A lovely memory of a little boy’s fun time.

  12. I just love seeing the fun he has. Very nice interpretation of the theme and beautiful executing. Well done Greetje, you now have a beautiful series of your grandchildren.

  13. You captured the pure joy your grandson was feeling creating his music, such a sweet, innocent moment. Nicely done!

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