Margaret Horton – Recycle – Nostalgia

My sewing life began with dressmaking and with the help of my sister in law, I made my own bridesmaid dress for my brother’s wedding and that was a long time ago!  I had just turned 13 years old, and I have made numerous items of clothing since then, but not for some while now.

I moved on to embroidery and then patchwork and quilting, straying ever further away from dressmaking, so excited by the C&G courses in creative embroidery and quilting. All that luscious paint and dye was just irresistible.  Now, in a workroom stocked to the ceiling with all manner of equipment and materials, I have merged the old with the new, recycling old patterns in a new way, combining them with recycled drop cloths and old covered buttons from my dressmaking days.  It’s been nice thinking about my dressmaking and I just may have to revisit those days again soon.



Close up view:


  1. Margaret, what a wonderful way to use your reminders of the past, the use of the patterns is very innovative and the buttons and buttonhole is a great focal point. Cheers

  2. I also like the mix of the paper and fabric and especially the graphic look of the patterns !

  3. What a great idea, very affective and good use of colour.

  4. Beautiful original piece. What a creative idea. Love the buttonholes and buttons.

  5. It’s lovely. Good use of color. I also like the buttonholes and buttons. They are eye-catching.

  6. This is a fascinating re-use of old patterns, buttons and garment-making techniques. Many quilters come from a garment construction background.

  7. Betty Goodwin

    Margaret, not only do I like your quilt but I like your last name also. My mother was a Horton and tried her best to trace her ancestry with minimal success. She, too, was a dressmaker so I thoroughly relate to your piece. Congratulations!

    Betty Goodwin

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