Sonia Ruiz – S


At sunset, on the spring and autumn equinoxes, on the steps of the Great Kukulkan temple, a shadow falls on the pirámide in the shape of a serpent.  As the sun sets, this shadowy snake looks like it descends from the temple and down the northern staircase to eventually join a stone feathered serpent head at the base of the pyramid. Symbolically, the feathered serpent joins the heavens, earth and the underworld.
Techniques:  raw edge appliqué, thread sketching, Inktense pencils, machine quilting with matching binding.
  1. Very powerful serpent!

  2. Mayan culture and Mexican charm shine through in your work. Well done.

  3. What an interesting story so well told in words and in artistic work.

  4. Great choice of subject which has been beautifully constructed.

  5. Beautiful interpretation of a powerful time of year.


    Very well balanced and powerful composition. The stories behind your pieces are always interesting !

  7. I find Mayan culture to be fascinating. Thank you for the explanation.Your use of color, scale and proportion all work well together.

  8. Sonia I always have been so interested in the Maya culture and have visited lots of the sites.
    You definitely made a splendid quilt to portray this theme. I LOVE it. Bravo.

  9. A great depiction of the serpent and an intersting way to depict the letter S. Your colours and stitching are beautiful

  10. studiociboulette

    Beautiful quilt and excellent idea. I love every detail, the little bushes are quite charming next to the ancient pyramid. Awesome.

  11. A story that is readable in a quilt, very nice done Sonia. You made so many details in your quilt, every time I look at it I see new things. Well done.

  12. A very dramatic quilt illustrating a fascinating story. I love the colour of the serpent.

  13. I love your quilt! It tells a powerful story and your use of color, shape and form is spot-on. Good job!

  14. How beautiful you did the shadow on the temple. A great serpent and I especially love the bushes.

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