Cindy Richard – Series #3 – Complementary

My cat Stripes has now come to life as a collage portrait. I created her from complementary colors: Purple and Yellow, which was the goal of this challenge. This collage technique actually focuses on value more than on color. By playing with value you can get dimension in the work. I especially like how the eyes turn out with this technique. Who would have thought a purple cat could look so lifelike! The fabrics are fused in place and then quilted.

Materials: Cotton fabrics, cotton and polyester thread, steam-a-steam 2, cotton batting.

Complementary Cat

Complementary cat closeup


Other pieces in the series:




  1. Nothing wrong with a purple cats, compliments your series. Cheers

  2. What meticulous work! A great series of variations on Stripes….

  3. Really precise work and so lifelike ! congratulations !

  4. joanbrailsford

    Your use of dark and light colour values really has given depth and life to Stripes. I love the fabrics you have used, and the expression you have given your cate. Well done

  5. Not only do I love the way you made the eyes with all these small pieces, but all the specific values in the purple color of the cat as well. Very nice cat series.

  6. Stripes must be so happy to have a so well done portraits gallery I The colors that you’ve chosen gives a beautiful impact. Bravo.

  7. All the pieces of your series are beautiful. A purple cat is not as strange when you see it. And I agree that the eyes make it as alive!

  8. Your use of dark and light colours give dept to your quilt and I agree the eyes are well done.

  9. studiociboulette

    Those cat eyes, they are incredible. Love your choice of colours.

  10. English quilter

    Stripes is wonderfully lifelike. I could picture it as a living cat. The use of values worked well in this piece. The eyes are amazing—full of life, personality and fire. They really make the cat look alive.

  11. I really like the way you used dark and light values to give Stripes dimension and life.
    What a fun series.

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