Kaylene Maalste – Series #4 – Techniques – Modern Reverse Applique

In the modern world of quilting, old techniques or traditions are often revamped. This in my opinion has occurred with the traditional method of “Reverse Applique” used in the beautiful Molas of the Kuna women of the San Blas Islands. I know it as Chenille work (applique) and have based my quilt on a workshop I took from Carol Waugh which she calls “Stitch and Slash”

I deliberately did not try to have a symmetrical design as I it was my way of depicting the state of upheaval many countries are experiencing, it maybe a stretch of the imagination but that is what abstract art is about. The material is batiks and black cotton and the embellishments are different threads and wool. My quilting is also abstract and in some areas linear, the center is a definite design of a circle with radiating lines, indicating that we (the people of the world) are at the centre and maybe it is us who must extend our thoughts and deeds out into the world to make it a better place.

I faced the quilt as I did not want a definite boundary.



Quilts in Series – Techniques





  1. I love the idea of the upheaval, it would have been good to see a detailed photograph. You have certainly mastered the abstract and I love the colour palette.

  2. I really love your colour palette and the different layers of fabrics.
    I also like the fact that your design is abstract without being geometric. Very effective.

  3. The colors and the design of your quilt are great!
    I know chenille as an other technique as you worked out. As I see it this is a variety of raw edge reverse appliqué. I love it!

  4. I had to enlarge your picture to find the quilted circle but then I did. I love your design and colors. Beautiful work. Bravo.

  5. Interesting colour palette and technique. The overall effect is intriguing and really draws my eyes around the design. I would like to see this in person as I think even more detail would emerge.

  6. I like the way that your technique shows the different layers of fabric, and the colours work beautifully together. I get a very calm feeling from this piece, and I think this is because of the asymmetry of the design and the depth of the stitching. Well done

  7. I just love the technique and the colours you used. They are so in harmony and brilliant and matching perfectly. Abstract working fits with this technique, a beautiful new piece in your series.

  8. Kaylene, a lot thought has gone into this piece, both in design and meaning. The colours are a real reflection of the Australian landscape, and it’s a great abstract, very well executed.

  9. Your modern reverse appliqué was very effective with the thought and meaning you were trying to convey. Loved the colors and execution. A wonderful addition to your series.

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