Paramajeet Bawa – Nature Wrapped in Paper

Wrapped in paper grew out of the heart of the urban sprawl that is Boston …that is where I was close to this flower for the first time and that is where my heart resided  at that time and still does. When I first saw the cone flower, it was as appealing to as the city in which it grew. While making this quilt I was reminded of the often overbearing nature of life in Boston: the cramped subways, the smelly student housing and the general rapid nature of life in the city, in such a fast paced city a bouquet of flowers is not unlike a newspaper, soon to wilt and crumple, left merely as merely a passing object in the breeze.
The quilt was made in stages the flowers were made on the tulle base with washable sulky to hold the scrapes together and then the quilted on to the commercial newspaper fabric .the edging was done with monofilament zigzag.



Close up View:

Para 2



  1. marginmirror

    Paramajeet, such a beautiful and poignant interpretation of the theme. Thank you!

  2. I just adore this quilt Paramajeet, your work is so inspirational. The flowers are beautiful Diana

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    It is just exquisite ! I like the contrast between the flowers and the background newspaper !

  4. Love your work Paramajeet. Beautiful flowers

  5. This quilt captures the essence of nature surviving in the crowded environment by your choice of background. beautiful techniques used. Cheers

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