Kaylene Maalste -Series #1 – Technique

I have always been interested in the techniques that we as a group have used in our quilts, so I will be exploring some techniques that are fairly common and some that are not, I do not want to reveal everything in my statement as to the techniques I will be using in the future. My decision to work with techniques came from our theme of “Endeavor” where I used Seminole piecing technique, this was a challenge to me and still is, so I hope to conquer a few more techniques through the series. Below is the Seminole pieced quilt “Progress”.


My first quilt features pleated fabric, this is an interesting technique as it gives a sense of notion to the fabric and quilt. I used batik fabrics, to pleat the fabric I first sewed a tube and then pleated the fabric in a zigzag design and held it down on the fabric with small stab stitches. The quilting lines followed the folds of the pleats in the main area and then I filled the rest with other designs.

Close up view:



  1. Not being familiar with the ‘Endeavour’ theme, I’m now going to have to have a look in the archives..,I look forward to seeing where your exploration of techniques leads you!

  2. It is a good idea to focus on techniques. I like how you have used the folds of the fabrics as quilting lines. I like your choice of colours : full of joy !

  3. It can be challenging to explore different techniques, but I am sure you can nail it! Good job!

  4. I am really looking forward to the new techniques you are going to explore. This one with the folds is very interesting and colorful.

  5. Look forward to seeing where you go next! Love the vibrant colours and the movement…

  6. I like the colours in this piece, and the movement that you have created with your pleating technique, which has worked really well. I love your quilting lines which give an added feeling of movement. I’m looking forward to your next technique

  7. Your theme for the series should provide you with lots of opportunities to play. The colors for your first piece are wonderful and vibrant. Pleats can be created in so many ways in textile work and add interest and dimension to projects. I look forward to seeing the next piece.

  8. A really lovely and joyful work you created to start your series. Interesting to choose for technique in the series and I love to see what you will explore more, we will all learn from it I suppose. The folded lines and the stitching to give an accent to it are inspiring and playful.

  9. Lovely bright colours, so cheerful. Interesting that you chose to focus on techniques for themselves – I hope to learn from as well as appreciate your future pieces.

  10. There are so many techniques.i am looking forward what other techniques you will use. Lovely how the quilted lines continue the folded ones.

  11. what an interesting and modern look you have created with this pleating technique. Your quilt is colorful and whimsical and the pleating adds texture and dimension. Looking forward to your next technique.

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