Els Mommers – S

Spotted Eagle Ray

Inspiration: The beautiful underwater world surrounding our island.

In this series I want to show the beautiful fishes that lives and the coral that grows, in the tropical Caribbean sea.

The background for the sea is made of a piece of ice-dyed fabric and the ocean bottom is hand painted fabric. The spotted eagle ray I painted with acrylic paint on satin and appliqued on the background.  Coral is made from scraps of tyvek, lutrador with puff-paint, transfer painted lutrador and skins made with pouring medium and fluid acrylic paint. The sea is covered with blue organza and pieces of open woven silver blue synthetic fabric. This material has also been used to cover the coral at the bottom of the sea. To create a little more depth I added some green painted tree bark plants

The whole piece is machine quilted with variegated polyester thread and finished with a facing.

More pictures of the whole process on: kunamola.blogspot.com

Detail views:

    Coral detail
  1. What a lovely spotted creature! Beautiful execution of the underwater world.

  2. The charm of the underwater world and the luck of the still uncontaminated sea. A magnificent work as usual. Bravo!

  3. As always you amaze me with the variety of techniques you use and the astonishing result you get! Love it very much!

  4. This was clearly yours! I really like the way you have constructed the piece, it is really effective and I love the way that you have added the details to the ray. Love it!

  5. Beautiful, only you could bring your world together in such a stunning quilt.


    Once again I knew it was your piece ! Stunning and realistic piece !

  7. All the techniques you used work perfectly together. Love all the texture and color. Mesmerizing and realistic piece, love it Els!

  8. What an elegant depiction of an elegant fish. As always the colours are wonderful and your techniques for creating the coral are awesome, and look so realistic. I love this piece.

  9. studiociboulette

    Exquisite seascape. Your colors and stitching are beautiful. I love it.

  10. This is Els at her best, working in the underwater world….love your colors ant the diversity of techniques you used to make this piece. It will be great to follow your journey through the year, beautiful!

  11. A beautiful fish in its beautiful home. All your techniques work so well to make a great quilt. A lovely idea for a series.

  12. Els, again a beautiful under water world. A lot of techniques and such a nice colors. Wonderful!

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