Eke Krug – Series #2 – Bits and Pieces – Looking under the surface

In this age of social media and haste, superficiality is lurking. A lot of information comes along, most of the time only the outside is seen. But when we make time and look closer, new worlds are opening. First we see more diversity, more colour and more emotion, but it is still hidden, as if a film is covering it and fades the colour. So if we are really interested, we must dig deeper. We have to go to the bottom, to find the real colours and the pearls that are hidden. It is this process I try to translate in my second piece of the series. Looking under the surface.

The first thing you see, in the news, from people you met for the first time, or a problem that has to be solved, is the outside. A couple of colours, surrounding and hiding that what it really is. I displayed this in the border of my work, the outside, repeating the same colours on each side.

When you look a little closer, finding out more about the news, talking and sharing things with the new people, finding a solution for a problem, more colours are appearing, more diversity, but still you don’t see the depth and the whole picture. That is what happens in the in between part of my work. Lots of little pieces of fabric, covered with bits and pieces of organza silk in different colours, showing the film that is protecting things.

Digging deeper, getting closer, and there it is, layers and layers of colours, with real pearls in between. Knowledge about what is happening, deep friendships and great solutions are found. And still not all is shown, but that is okay. There are always some secrets to be kept. Slashing is used to show this part of the work.

All different kind of fabric pieces – organza silk – cotton for the backside – batting 80/20% cotton/polyester – threads – pearls

Free motion quilting – slashing (as seen from Fay Maxwell)

The process of the making is to been seen on my blog Kleurdesign

Close up view

Quilts in Series Bits and Pieces:


  1. Eke, your philosophy is reflected in your design and technique in your quilt. It is vibrant and would love to see this in reality to appreciate all the colors and materials.

  2. carolinehiggs

    A well thought out an reflective piece of work, as previously said I think this merits being seen in the flesh, I love the emerging pearls and the riot of colours. Very effective, great!

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    I had to go back to your rules and list of “do`s and don`t” to have a better understanding 0f your work. I like the way you have established these rules and how have adapted your philosophy of life to this piece. It is rich and beautiful and I look forward to seeing it in real !

  4. I agree with earlier commentators — I too am intrigued by your thought process in this series and the way you have interpreted those thoughts. Alas, I wish I could have ‘clicked to enlarge’ your photos, as I am unable to see as much detail as I’d like, on my current laptop’s monitor.

  5. joanbrailsford

    Eke, I love this piece. I am totally enthralled by the colours and vibrancy, as well as the intricate fabrics and stitching. I like the way that it reflects your thought process and shows that the greatest complication is hidden below the surface. A wonderful piece

  6. It is a very vibrant piece Eke. I love the colors and am intrigued with your technique. I echo the others by saying that it I love the deeper intention of it and the way you have interpreted your thoughts.

  7. What a bright and colourful quilt. Your design and techniques certainly illustrate your thoughts. I particularly like the idea of the pearls being eventually uncovered.

  8. It is great how you put your thoughts into a quilts. I have seen the real piece and I was impressed by the rich colours.

  9. I can follow your thought process with your description and the techniques you used in this piece. Very vibrant and full of texture. Lovely!

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