Caro Higgs – Flight

Natural and Man Made

Inspiration: Flight can be both the flight of birds or a flight of stairs; the coast and fishing huts is incomplete without the seagulls circling overhead.

I wanted to continue my series of the local coastline despite wanting to use new ideas. A little further south from here the huts are built on the rocks and therefore need a flight of stairs to access them which lend themselves really well to the subject. While I was walking around an island in Southern Brittany we encountered loads of seagulls who whirled above us and I spent time trying to photograph their flight, this one was the result. I have made it semi-transparent as the light was behind it. Unlike most birds it is difficult to tell the males and females apart, just visible is the red dot near their beak which the young chicks tap when wanting food.

Once again hand painted fabrics, the background had a resist to help form the clouds and waves, the rocks and roof are commercial fabrics. All machine stitched except for the lines holding the frame-work for the fishing net.


Flight : Natural and Man Made

Detail view:

Flight : Natural and Man Made detail

  1. Love your coastal series! And the idea of the house the accessible by flight really speaks to me.

  2. Maryte Collard

    Very interesting idea but very well executed. Truly filled with light.

  3. A wonderful new piece in your series and very well executed too. Love the way you use the pale colors that you often see on the coast. So many details and lovely hand-stitching!

  4. Very quiet piece with harmonious colours going with your series.
    Very well excecuted.

  5. Stunning use of a limited color pallete. I can almost feel the dampness of the fog and hear the screech of the seagulls.

  6. Another lovely piece in your coastal series, and the colours and feeling of the piece are carried throughout. A good way to incorporate the theme into your series, and as always beautifully executed.

  7. studiociboulette

    beautiful quilt. love your choice of color and the calmness that comes with your flight.

  8. Well done and very cool interpretation of Flight. You have a voice and without looking at the name on the quilt I could tell it was your work. I love the bird.

  9. A beautiful addition to incorporate into your coastal series. The execution and soft colors gives a sense of calm and tranquility. Lovely Caro!

  10. Your series continues to amaze me for the perfection of the work and the choice and combination of soft colors that give a sense of peace and calm that reflects your country. Well done!

  11. Again a beautiful piece in your series. I love your subtle colours. The fabric that you created with the resist is such a wonderful background for the transparant seagull. I love your idea of double flight: stairs and seagull. Very well done.

  12. Your color palette is very piecefull, just like it is at the shore. Well done!

  13. There is a lovely light and airy feel to this piece, created by the colour palette then emphasised by the seagull passing by.

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