Chantal Guillermet – Country – Flora/Fauna


Inspired by the undergrowth of the Canadian forest, this quilt represents the flower that is the official emblem of the province of Ontario : Trillium Grandiflorum. It is composed of three leaves and a three-petal flower. It also exists in red but it is the white one that represents Ontario.

I started by printing maple leaves on a dyed fabric with acrylic paint. Then I cut it into three parts. I prepared a large quantity of irregularly cut strips of fabric and assembled them randomly. The colours chosen are reminiscent of the different colours of the forest throughout the seasons.

For the trillium flowers I used a drawing found in a children’s colouring book which I reproduced on a piece of water-soluble film. I prepared a “sandwich” with small pieces of different white fabrics between two layers of water-soluble film, they were heavily quilted and cut out. For the leaves I fused two layers of fabric, quilted the leaves and veins and cut them out.

Both leaves and flowers are only appliquéed to the quilt by the stamens of the flowers so they remain a bit raised on the surface of the fabric.   

Detail views:


  1. Just love the interpretation, especially how you have interpreted the forest to incorporate it into the theme. The background compliments the forest and flowers. Lovely

  2. You have really captured the feeling of the forest with your choice of colours and delicate leaves. Beautiful work as always, well done.

  3. The elegance and the finesse appear in your work perfectly executed as usual. I love it. Chapeau!

  4. I really like the explanation you gave about how the piece was made. Also love the look and the inspiration its gives to the forest. I can feel it.


    La nature toujours aussi présente dans ton travail… j’aime beaucoup ! Bravo. Amitiés des Alpes neigeuses ce soir

  6. studiociboulette

    So much going on in the back ground, it is beautiful. I love the colors you chose and your attention to details. Bravo!

  7. Very subtle interpretation that I notice in all your quilts. Love the dimensional trilliums and the background.

  8. A very effective way to showcase the flowers. The background is beautifully done and the colours are perfect. Well done

  9. Thank you for the explanation of your process. The quilt is awe-inspiring.

  10. I love this! The colours are so gentle but just right and the 3D flowers are gorgeous.

  11. Love how you represented the brighter forest colors in columns with the delicate and floating feel to the leaves in the background and the 3D feel to your flowers. Lots of color, depth and dimension, well done!

  12. Such an accomplished quilt. Love the beautifully printed background in those subtle colors, the 3D effect of the pretty flowers. Great felling of depth. Well done!

  13. I love the printed leaves and the colors of the forest. For someone who doesn’t love 3-dimensional quilts you did a great job with the flowers.

  14. What a beautiful way to make this kind of 3D flowers. I love them just as I love your, in delightful colours printed, maple leaves in the background. The colourful strips that divide your piece give it a feeling of depth. Very well done.

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