Sheryl Meech – When East Meets West – Koru


To me Denim typifies the West.    Sashiko Quilting and Shibori dyeing the East.

Denim for the West, I took two different denim fabrics and dyed them using a Shibori method. I took some more of the two Denims and did some imitation Sashiko (using my sewing machine) I then pieced these with a Japanese print fabric.  Recut and resewed to create an interesting background. I felt I had to include something of my New Zealand culture in the piece.   I appliqued a Koru (a well know New Zealand design) over the piece.    I stenciled the other design using Lumiere paints and quilted around them to give them more emphasis.


Close Up View


  1. This piece makes me smile. 🙂

  2. English quilter

    Lovely blending of East and West. The machine “Sashiko looks terrific. I did not know the name of the NZ symbol’

  3. An interesting mix of fabrics and techniques.

  4. Lovely work and interpretation of the theme.

  5. Great work using a lot of imagination.

  6. joanbrailsford

    Lovely interpretation of the theme. I like the mix of fabrics and symbols you have used. Your stitching works well in the overall design.

  7. Creating a background with denim was not so easy, I assume. Very nice how you mixed it. The NZ symbol and the stenciling make your quilt extra special.


    The way you coloured and stitched the denim, put it together and make your symbol on top of it, everything is in good harmony, making it a nice piece to look at.

  9. Very inventive – and lovely to look at, too! You’ve captured the possibility that in art, at any rate, cultures can be woven together.

  10. A stunning piece, Sheryl, enhanced by the stitching and the colouring of the denim. Loved how you used the NZ koru design.

  11. Chantal Guillermet

    I like the contrast between the background and the curvy shapes on the top

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