Eke Krug – Series #5 – Bits and pieces – Just looking

Sometimes in our life, we have in between time, a period of waiting, while everything is functioning in a normal way. These months, we live in between two homes, comfortable, waiting for the moment we can unpack our boxes and our new home can be set up. Busy with our new live, looking back on the past eight year in Norway and reminiscence of the future. And in the mean time, waiting, dreaming, looking. Not only with the eyes, but with the whole range of senses, including the third eye. This piece is about the period I am in and the way I experience it. It is about feelings and sensations, about being part of a bigger plan…. without borders, with endless possibilities and with new horizons, waiting to be explored. That’s why this piece has no borders, where the other four pieces of my series have. It just doesn’t feel right to frame it, I hope I can hold this feeling, just looking.

Hand dyed silk and cotton scraps – torn edges of scarves – lace – all kinds of threads

Raw edge quilting – mostly hand sewing – little machine quilting


Close up:








Quilts in Series Bits and Pieces:





  1. Lovely, and such attention to detail! I love the way that all your series relate to the turmoil of life this year and how this piece is just looking forward and gives the sense of a calmer period. A great series and personal reflection!

  2. I like how your series reflects your present life … may be with this “in between period” you had more time for reflection … the eyes in your piece are so real ! I also like all the details in each of your pieces.

  3. Mysterious eyes! mysterious work! Just looking… well done! I think it is amazing you made this piece with your live in boxes 😉 Time to unpack after this period and rebuild and settling again! May good things come ! I like your use of colors, and the handwork is amazing! Nice closure of your series

  4. This last piece of your series also has a lot of details. It also looks like a Venetian mask to me.
    A nice series reflecting this period of your life now.

  5. Eke, Bravo on your series, it is a life journey and this latest quilt sums it all up, beautiful work and use of colour and techniques.

  6. Fascinating and mesmerizing! I really like the detail and the color. Bravo on the entire body of work.

  7. Your works always catch my eyes! I really like your use of materials and colors. There are so many details. It is stunning! Another impressive work. Well done!

  8. Another lovely piece filled with interesting detail. I like the way that your series reflects your experiences and this piece works well as an ending as it leaves us hopeful and wanting to see more.

  9. This last piece, while reflecting your current life situation has a strength to it. The cat’s eyes are really checking out what is happening around it. Your use of scrap fabric is very imaginative. The detail photos really show your attention to detail and the creativity and technical mastery that you have brought to this piece.

  10. Another beautiful piece Eke. I love how your series just tell the story of your life at the moment. I am just wondering what these eyes are going to see in the future. Your attention to detail is wonderful and I am always impressed by your handquilting and embroidery.

  11. A striking design with lots to look at. The stitched detailing enhances the shapes and colours.

  12. I love how you incorporated all the turmoil you were experiencing during this trying time and how you managed to create an absolutely beautiful series. Love all the color, detail, texture, stitching and embroidery. Well done.

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