Lin Hsin-Chen – Entrance – Pouring Living Water

After 9 months of drought, streams in Taiwan are drying up. On the contrary, plants on both sides are blooming exuberantly in the wrong season, showing rare and extraordinary beauty.

According to experts, when nature species encounter life crisis, they would make change and exhaust their life energy ahead of time, such as blooming particularly beautiful flowers or yielding especially sweet fruits. The timing of having a good rain after a long drought becomes a very important matter.

Taiwan is currently restricting water supply for households. Hope God could hear my sincere prayers with needles and threads. Pour rain and nourish all things! I also hope the drought and flood around the world will be eased!

Size: 15”x 16” (Sorry. I made a mistake in size measurement, so one side is slightly longer.)
Materials: commercial cottons, Romanian thread
Techniques: 100% hand-stitched, appliqué, pieced, 3-layer quiltedPouring Living Water_Lin Hsin-Chen

  1. The colourful flowering around the dried-up stream bed…with hints of water, just a bit. A very different interpretation; a lovely rendering.

  2. A wonderful interpretation and explanation of nature trying to save itself in times of drought, the use of fabrics is colourful and again a beautiful quilt in your style. Brav

    • Thank you. It’s glad to hear people have positive comments on this piece of work. In fact, I was in a dilemma, the drought and blooming flowers, when creating the work. I wish I could depict the crisis and worrisome feeling in this piece, but it seems too difficult to achieve.

  3. joanbrailsford

    What a great idea of contrasting the dried river bed with the flowering plants. A complex and interesting piece which is beautifully done

  4. I hope the water will come in soon so the trees keep on blooming.

  5. This is a real expression of beauty under difficult drought conditions with the beautiful flowers making their entrance. In parts of New Zealand we have had drought conditions too, with the hardy plants still blooming. I hope you have had rain by now.

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