Eke Krug – Series #3 – Bits and pieces – Looking for solid ground

Sometimes life is like a rollercoaster. All is quiet an then suddenly, something’s happening and kicking you of your feet. That is what happened on the 15th of March this year, a simple phone call changed everything. It was our landlord, telling us that we had to leave our house within tree months, because her son needed it. So all at once, we had to move from the house where we loved to live, look for another house and move all our stuff to another place, leaving behind what we just build up during the last two years. Where to go?

We talked about it and decided, that since this would be our fourth address in eight year, we should better move back to Holland. Over there it is also not easy to find a house, so it was a very stressful period. Since I had an exhibition in the Nederland in the beginning of April, we had already planned a tour that way in the end of March. On our way there, I fell on the ground, tore both ankle bands in my left foot and ended up in a wheelchair. So this all declares the title of my third piece, looking for solid ground.

All kind of fabric scraps, several sorts of wool thread and wool fibre, machine sewing threads and hand embroidery threads. Synthetic batting, meant for table runners.

Slashing, hand embroidery, machine stitching



Close up:





Quilts in Series Bits and Pieces:



  1. Eke, we can sympathize with your challenges and hope all is now settling down. There is a lot of energy expressed in your quilt through the design stitching and colour. Love it

  2. A great way of telling your story, I love the variations of the texture, a great addition to your series.

  3. This quilt is in perfect harmony with the other pieces of your series. I like the texture and the story behind …I hope you are settled down and safe on a new solid ground now !

  4. beautifull work!!! love the colors and movement

  5. Very nice way to express your feelings in textile and again a successful work to complement your series.

  6. What a wide range of materials you have included here. The whole effect is of movement and reminds me of a rushing waterfall.

  7. This piece fits perfectly in your series. Lovely color range.

  8. I love the colours and textures in this piece, and your stitching gives it a real feeling of movement. This does indeed give the sense of searching for solid ground, and it fits very well into your series. Well done

  9. Eke, I smiled at your quilt name as I too look for solid ground after a heavy fall a few months ago. Your design, texture, stitching and colours express your feelings and experience perfectly.

  10. Love all the color, texture and movement you have created with all the bits and pieces, with the slashing technique and stitching.

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