Helen Hazon – Country – Artist

Inspiration: the work of Indian artist S.H.Raza and Indian hand embroidery.

Selecting an artist from India was daunting at first. So many involved portraits, forests and palaces. Nothing appealed to me, or seemed possible for me to represent in hand stitching. Then I discovered the work of SH Raza. He painted geometric designs inspired by aspects of Indian / Hindu philosophy. He particularly liked the circle, or dot, called a bindu which to Hindus represents the centre of the universe and the point of creation of all things. other shapes that Mr Raza used a lot are upright and inverted triangles, representing the energies of male and female.

I selected a geometric pattern – a photo of a wall tile in an Indian palace near Jaipur – drew it out on fabric the stitched lots of colour into it. During my tours in India I have been able to study several different styles of hand embroidery practised by experts, both men and women. I have learned a lot from these skilled people and have used some of their techniques in this piece.

This piece, like the others in the series, has hand dyed cotton background fabric, embroidery in cotton, lines of gold paint and minimal, invisible quilting. The quilt in bound in blue.

Detail views:

Original artwork:

  1. Beautiful hand stitching and design, it must have been so soothing to do all the stitching.

  2. Very interesting combination of the geometry and meditative stitches, wonderful work!

  3. carolinehiggs

    I am blown away by this. It is so beautifully stitched and you have really captured the essence of the original while making it yours! The use of the different stitches and the pops of colour make it so interesting, so much detail in a small space.

  4. Breathtaking! You have successfully incorporated his style with your style and so beautifully and impeccably stitched. It looks like a woven fabric. Well done Helen!

  5. quilterpaola

    What painstaking work. Congratulations on your perfect hand stitching. Great job, Helen!

  6. Helen this is incredible ! there is a huge amount of work on this piece ! and your stitches are so perfect ! Bravo !

  7. Your work is interesting and so is the use of color. I admire the stitching. great job.

  8. Such a great idea, lovely colors and perfect hand stitching! This piece fits very good in your series.

  9. Maryte Collard

    I’ve been waiting for your piece and it blows my mind. So many perfect stitches and such an amazing result. No offence to others but your piece is my favorite.

  10. Incredible stitching and colours with stunning results! Beautiful interpretation of the artist’s work.

  11. joanbrailsford

    I love geometric patterns and your design is wonderful. I love the colours and of course the hand stitching is superb. A stunning representation.

  12. You have beautifully caught the essence of the work of your chosen artist. Wonderful composition and choice of colours. Your hand stitching is incredible.

  13. studiociboulette

    Incredible. I love every stitch and colour. Beautiful work. Bravo

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