Genevieve Guadalupe – Country – Artist

Teresa Burga

A pioneering figure in Latin American conceptualism, Teresa Burga (1935-2021) made works that encompassed drawing, painting, analytical data and experimental methodologies. Burga studied at the School of Art Catholic University of Peru in Lima and contributed to the Peruvian avant-garde art scene. In 1966, along with other forward-thinking artists in Lima, Burga formed part of the Arte Nuevo Group, a collective of artists interested in advancing genres of Pop, Minimalism and Op art. (reference:

Materials and technique: cotton fabric, cotton batting, poly thread, embroidery floss, printing ink. Machine pieced, machine quilted, raw edge applique, hand printed, hand embroidered.

  1. quilterpaola

    Stunning piece. I love your composition and the bewitching choice of colours.

  2. Caroline Higgs

    Great colours and simple lines combine to give a stunning result. Love it!

  3. Coloured piece and beautiful design : your piece is really in harmony with the work of Teresa Burga

  4. Excellent interpretation and combination of Teresa Burga´s style and yours. Beautiful layering of color and images. Love this!

  5. Beautiful work! Love everything in this piece – design, colors and your stitching makes it sings!

  6. I love the colors the texture and our stitching.

  7. Clean line, bold colors and simple straight line quilting brings this quilt to perfection. It was nice to learn about the artist.

  8. Great use of colour and lovely texture from your stitching. Your piece clearly links your style with that of your artist.

  9. Love your composition and colours. You definitely interpreted Teresa Burga’s style in your own way. Terrific.

  10. In my opinion, the use of color-blocking here is what makes your quilt sing. Each unit could stand alone as its own artwork, yet when combined they speak in complete harmony.

  11. This is a beautiful composition and the colours are amazing, there is such harmony! Love the simplicity of the separate pieces and the stitching is wonderful. Never too late to learn about a n artists I did not know.

  12. joanbrailsford

    Lovely colours and very effective design. Your stitching really complimemts the style of the artist, who was someone I didn’t know about. Well done

  13. You interpreted the work of Teresa Burga into your own style. Perfect!

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