Caro Higgs – Elements – Components

The idea for this challenge came to mind quite fast, it is a ‘puzzle’ the idea being to slide the tiles in to the right place to create a picture, the blank should finish up bottom left! It also represents the global destruction of forests and woodland and the need to create new areas. I have kept within my subject of trees and tried a much more abstract approach.

The original motif was created through two different resists, the dextrin one was a bit of a disaster but I used procion dye and achieved a basis on which to build with flour paste and fabric paint on a basic cotton fabric, the results were not too defined but it gave me a base to work on. The most nerve wracking was to cut up the design which I then machine stitched on to a dyed wadding. The hand stitching was then added square by square. I bordered the whole with a satin ribbon to create the frame of the “puzzle”. I decided to work each square after cutting to avoid cutting any stitching and with the raw edges having unravelled threads, it may have taken longer but I am happy with the way it worked.


Elements: Components


Close up View:

detail Elements: Components







  1. Caro. This so much fits in your tree subject. I love the puzzle idea. Beautiful background and hand stitching.

  2. What a clever idea, I had to play it mentally I would love to see the piece with all the tiles in place. Well done.

  3. Beautiful ! I knew it was yours !

  4. Lovely stitching and subdued colours, giving a peaceful, soft feeling

  5. joanbrailsford

    This is a wonderfully worked piece, and so brave of you to cut up your main design into separate pieces. I love the detail you have added to the individual tiles.

  6. This is really great! Beautiful embrodery. Chapeau!
    Do you have a pictures with the tiles in place?

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