Sonia Ruiz – Country – Landscape

Saddle Hill or Saddle Mountain (Cerro de la Silla)

Inspiration:  The beautiful mountains surrounding Monterrey, where I used to live.

The Cerro de la Silla is a mountain and natural monument within the metropolitan area of the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, in northeastern Mexico. It’s named for its distinctive saddle-shaped profile when viewed from the west, it is a well known symbol of Monterrey and is in many of my artworks.  It runs parallel to the Sierra Madre Oriental range and is a popular recreational area and is often climbed by hikers.  I also included the beautiful jacaranda tree and some colorful poppies.

I used a quilt as you go technique taught by Cecilia Koppmann, hand dyed scrap fabrics, lace, different organzas and gauze. Machine thread painting, jute, French knots, beads, eyelash yarn, and up cycled organza ribbon for the binding.

Detail views:


  1. carolinehiggs

    This is a very peaceful piece and the colour palette works well. I love the shape of the mountain and the jacaranda tree with the dainty lace behind it.

  2. Delightful use of colours and materials.

  3. Lovely composition and choice of colours ! I love your 3D popies (and usually I am not so keen on 3D elements on quilts) they give life to your piece !

  4. I like your flowers and colours.

  5. studiociboulette

    I like how you integrated all the materials in your quilt and kept a soft look to it. Beautiful piece.

  6. Maryte Collard

    So much is going on in your piece! Love your poppies and the rich background behind them.

  7. Wonderful tribute to a beloved landscape. Lovely colours, the poppies really pop!

  8. I love the log-cabin background. It’s so nice how you did the mountain and the tree. Of course the poppies are really beautiful!

  9. Beautiful place, love the monumental mountains and the colours!

  10. Looking at this piece must make you homesick a bit for the place you used to live. Beautiful soft pastel colours for the background and the red poppies in the front makes it a wonderful piece again. Well done.

  11. Your piece has a wonderful peaceful feel to it and the embroidery is beautifully done. The poppies in the foreground are stunning.

  12. joanbrailsford

    Such lovely colours in your piece, from the distant mountains to the vibrant flowers, and all beautofully worked. I love the texture you have manged to incorporate by using the different threads and fibres. Well done

  13. A lovely landscape with plenty of depth and detail. The colour palette is unusual for a landscape but works well, especially with the poppies..

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